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EzyPromos Now Live in UK Promotional Products Market

Ezy Promos, one of the top promotional agencies in Australia, is delighted to announce they are now active the UK market. Ezy Promos has seen a great deal of success working with customers throughout Asia and the East Pacific. Now, they are proud to bring their services to the shores of the UK and help British businesses take their promotional campaign to the next level.


Ezy Promos provide the manufacturing of premium products for marketing purposes that can be distributed across the UK as well as internationally. Using a solid network, Ezy Promos can help British companies take the market by storm with exciting promotions, guaranteed to capture attention.


The business has a wealth of expertise and experience in creating, designing and launching promotional merchandise campaigns. They are able to assist businesses with the creation, design, and production, ensuring that the merchandise reaches the highest quality level. Ezy Promos can create and produce a wide range of products for promotion purposes for UK businesses including executive gifts, head-ware, tech devices and writing instruments. With bespoke merchandising such as this, UK businesses will be able to run a bold and beautiful promotional campaign.


Over the past ten years, Ezy Promos has provided their services to some of the largest corporates in Australia. Their past clients include BHP Billiton, Google, Toyota, Microsoft, IBM, Mitsubishi and ANZ Bank. Their services are now available a fantastic extension of the marketing divisions for companies across the UK.


With staff China and strong networks across the rest of the UK and the world, Ezy Promos is perfectly positioned to provide promotional merchandise wherever and whenever a business needs it. Their network of sources allows them to deliver an efficient service and keep turnaround times for product orders rapid.


Ezy Promos are experienced product manufacturers and have been providing their product to businesses in Australia for years. They are completely dedicated to ensuring that their customers get a quality service and promotional products that will add to a memorable marketing campaign. With a staff that has over thirty years experience, Ezy Promos is ready to help UK businesses with sourcing, designing and creating their merchandise campaigns.


Due to their large network of operations, Ezy Promo is able to cover every area of a promotional merchandise campaign. With staff based in China and a strong sourcing background, Ezy Promos is always able to provide supplies and fulfill orders. Their years of experience on the market also allows them to conceptualise and design products that are certain to make a promotional campaign stand out on the market.

Promotional USB Still a Hot Promotional Item

Promotional USB flash drives have been a hot promotional item for many years now. The fact that such a small inconspicuous product would occupy such a huge space in the promotional products industry is testament to its place in the market. Initially USB flash drives were a very expensive product with limited capacity. They have since grown into one of the largest segments of the industry at a very affordable price point. Whats more promotional USBs are now available in capacities up to 128GB which is a far cry from the 128MB which was the most popular capacity only ten years ago.

Promotional USB are a great product as they are very useful for both storing and transferring data. They are compact and can be taken anywhere. There are a huge range available which means they can be tailored for any campaign and have a number of branding options. There are plastic USBs, metal USBs, Pen USBs and increasing popular for the promotional market are custom shaped USBs. They can also come in customised packaging which is great for adding more custom branding to the product.

There are currently over 3 billion USB flash drives shipped world-wide. Of those nearly 10% of the flash drives shipped are custom branded USBs. That means that over 300 million promotional USBs are used in promotional marketing campaigns each year. That is more then almost any other promotional product out there.

New Fidget Spinner Great For Promo

The new fidget spinner is a great new promotional item as well as a fun therapeutic toy.  The user spins it between their fingers and can learn to do tricks with. Its simple spinning action provides hours of stress relieving fun for both adults and children. It is thought that the momentum produced provides a pleasing sensory experience while the challenge of tossing, transferring and twirling. The claim that the new fidget spinner is the hottest promotional product on the planet rings true when you see all the fuss which comes with it. It also offers an incredible opportunity to put a logo or message in the hands of a huge potential audience.

Our fidget spinner is CE certified and complies with AS/NZS 8124.1.2016 (Safety of Toys) standard.

Think About Christmas Early

While it is only June it is a good idea to start thinking about your Christmas gifts early. While it is still six months away there are a variety of reasons why you should start planning early. There is nothing worse then getting could out unprepared at a time of the year when you are sure to be busy not only at work but trying to plan your own personal christmas affairs.

Here are some reasons to start planning:

  • Get in early. Be prepared and be ahead of the rest. Reduce the stress associated with trying to do everything at the last minute.
  • Secure your supply. Christmas is a busy period and suppliers tend to run out of stock. Don’t get caught out by reserving your supply now.
  • Choose the right gift. With adequate time to plan you are more likely to choose the right gift. Planning the gift to tie into the theme for this years celebrations is a great ideal.
  • Get a better deal. Leaving things to the last minute can be a costly affair. By planning early you can often get an early bird discount.

Above are just some of the reasons you should plan your christmas gifts early. For advise regarding gifts for your customers this year give Brand Republic a call. We will make your name shine during the festive season.


Cool New Promotional Bottle Opens

EzyPromos has just added three cool new promotional bottle openers to our range. If you are looking at doing an inexpensive promotion than won’t break the budget then look no further. Custom branded bottle openers are the perfect product for a price conscious marketing campaign that want good customer reach. Not only will it be a well received gift but it will certainly float around for years to come. Bottle openers never go out of fashion as they are so useful and are a welcome addition to any household or office. These bottle bottle openers are not only practical but innovative as well. They are not your run of the mill bottle openers but seek to stand out and grab anyones attention that may come across them.

Key Chain Bottle Opener. This small bottle opener is available with a full colour digital print which is great for multi-colour or complex logos. It has a hole for to attached a keyring. The keyring comes separately and can be attached to the bottle opener when purchased.

Bottle Shaped Opener. This bottle opener is cleverly shaped like a bottle. It can be printed full colour both sides. It is sure to stand out in the crowd and is a great little promotional product.

Coaster Bottle Opener. This is a great idea for a bottle opener. Very popular and stunning in design these full colour print coasters double as a bottle opener. A great and practical promotional gift.

BIC Pens for You Next Promotion


All of us have picked up and used a BIC pen at sometime or another. They have been a staple of the Australian stationary industry for years now and have great brand recognition. What many people might not realise it that BIC is more then just a consumer brand. It is also heavily involved in the promotional industry.

BIC is known for producing good quality pens, stationary and writing instruments. They specialise in all sorts of ball-point pens and stationary products. You would have seen them for sale at your news agent and supermarket where they are a popular item. At Ezy Promos we have a large collection of BIC pens to fit your budget.


Why buy BIC pens?


Here are some reasons you should choose a BIC pen for you promotional campaign:


  • Reliable quality – BIC pens are reliable and of good quality. You can trust every BIC pen you purchase to perform as you expect it too. Some BIC pens are known to write more than 1.2 miles without problems.


  • Variety – These pens are available in different forms, colours, and styles. You can purchase pens with rubber grips, plastic bodies, metal bodies, with colourful print, etc. We also have a collection of BIC styluses if you want to give something unique and interesting to your customers.


  • Budget – This brand of pens are also quite affordable, despite their premium tag. The price of some of these pens is as low as $0.73 so you’ll definitely find something that fits into your budget. You’ll also get better discounts and offers if you purchase in bulk.


  • Reputation – BIC is a well-known company that provides good products. If you gift promotional BIC pens to your customers, your reputation will improve and you’ll have a lasting impact on your customers.


  • Customisable – These pens are customisable so you can place your company name or logo on them and turn them into promotional products. We use the best possible printing technology to ensure your branding is clear and visible.


If you want good quality branded BIC pens, you don’t need to look beyond us at Ezy Promos. We have a great collection of BIC and other premium pens.

Promotional Lanyard Cheap and Easy

These days budgets are something that always plays on every marketing managers mind. With an ever thrifty corporate environment it is more important then ever to place marketing campaigns to stretch the dollar further. The current economic environment has cause all companies to look at more efficient allocation of funds and marketing is no different. With that thought one should turn back to the basic items that are tried and tested. The lanyard is one such item. Lanyards are not only an inexpensive item but they are also very practical.

These days people have heaps of thing they need to carry with them when going places. There are the id card, credit cards, travel cards, all sorts of cards really. There is also keys and bottle openers etc which people like to keep close to them and attached to a leash so that they don’t lose them. This is why handing out a printed lanyard will always be well received. The variety of attachments and types available will help tailor the product for any campaign you have planned. No matter what the event whether a product launch, a corporate dinner or just a gift bag you can’t go wrong with this product.

EzyPromos are a leading supplier of all promotional products including promotional lanyards. We also have a dedicated website for LanyardsOnly which will help you find what you need.

Our extensive range includes:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Satin
  • Sublimation
  • Faux Leather
  • Poly/Satin

We also have:

  • Wristbands
  • Short Straps
  • Accessories

So next time your are looking to do a promotional product give EzyPromos a call. We are a premium supplier or corporate merchandise in the Australia market. We can ship goods both within Australia and internationally.

Promotional Products For Your Marketing Campaign

Promotional products come in a number of shapes and sizes. There are so many options available in the market that it can be difficult to choose the right product for your brand. At Brand Republic, we believe that you should choose a product based on your brand, services, company culture, etc. Some promotional products will work for you awhile others will not deliver the results you expect. However, we have noticed that some items are more popular and effective than others. Here are 4 unconventional promotional products for your marketing campaign:


  1. Plush Toys


This might be a surprising entry on this list, but it really does work. Most of your clients and business associates will be very reluctant to discard a plush toy, even if it has a brand name on it. Even if they’re not personally interested in these toys, they will have children in their family circle who will enjoy these toys. Plush toys are rarely thrown away so they’re very effective promotional products to invest in. These toys are rarely used as a promotional item so you can be certain they’ll bring a surprised smile to the recipient’s face.


  1. Power Banks


Almost everyone has a phone and almost everyone fears the dreaded low-battery sign. Most phones today can’t really last an entire day on a single charge and phone owners often need to top up in office or at home. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible so most phone users will carry a power bank with them. That’s what makes them excellent promotional products because people will be very reluctant to disregard them. All you need to do is place your brand logo on the bank and gift it to your most important clients and business associates. They’re very useful gifts and relevant to the modern times. Unlike coffee mugs and pens, power banks will be used often and remain visible for a long time.


  1. Drink Bottles


People use drink bottles on a number of occasions like when they’re working on, playing sports, visiting a beach, etc. Because of this, drink bottles are great promotional products. People aren’t brand conscious when it comes to water bottles and will use any bottle that’s available to them as long as the water is stored well and remains cool. Drink bottles are also very easy to brand as there’s so much space available to you.


  1. Bottle Openers


Australians are fond of their beer and these beer bottles often require bottle openers. This small but useful tool can be great promotional products for your marketing campaign, especially if you’re a part of the beverage making or selling industry. These bottle openers come in different forms and can be card-shaped or key chains.


You can know more about our products and services at Brand Republic by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.

Tips for Promotional Merchandise Marketing Campaign

Marketing that involves promotional merchandise requires a lot of planning. Most business owners just purchase a product, add their brand name and logo, and distribute them among their target audience. This strategy is no longer as effective as it once was because the competition has grown considerably over the years. At Brand Republic, we recommend that you consider the 4 tips mentioned below before you purchase promotional merchandise for your marketing campaign.


  1. Can the Product Be Branded?


The purpose of promotional merchandise is to improve visibility and showcase your brand name. You need to purchase products that will showcase your brand name adequately. If the product is too small or narrow, your brand name won’t be as prominent and that can reduce the ROI you gain from your campaign. Get some test samples before you purchase the product to ensure it showcases your brand name or logo adequately.


  1. Can It Fit Into Our Budget?


Some promotional merchandise is more expensive than others. You can’t ignore one person in favour of other so you will need to purchase the same merchandise for everyone in the same category. For example, if you purchase one expensive product for a business associate, you will have to purchase the same type of gift for all your business associates in order to avoid offending anyone. You should create a list of people you need to present a gift to and then set a budget per gift. This will help you avoid overspending.


  1. Choose Products that Can Be Easily Transported


People often underestimate how troublesome it can be to transport easily breakable objects for something that’s heavy and cumbersome. If you intend to distribute the promotional merchandise at events or other locations, you should consider smaller and easily manageable products. You should also consider if the product will cause any problems or discomfort to your clients or associates. For example, if you intend to provide your customers with branded tools or hardware, you can be certain they won’t be able to carry it home without some difficulty. When you present the products to your customers, make sure that it’s easy to store and carry.


  1. Utility is Important


The promotional merchandise will lose its value if it’s not useful to the client or business associate. For example, you shouldn’t give sport merchandise to people who don’t play sports or are physically unable to participate in such activities. The merchandise would provide no utility to them and they will have no reason to keep it. If you’re lucky, they might hand over the merchandise to a friend or relation, but many will simply discard them or put them away on storage.


If you keep these tips in your mind, your promotional campaign would have better chances of success.  You can know more about our products and services at Ezy Promo by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.