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The Gladiator Power Bank A Great Corporate Gift

One of the more versatile power banks in the Ezypromos store is the Gladiator. There is no other better way to prove your company’s brand than with our high-capacity Gladiator Power Bank. We offer you the unique way to promote your brand with printing your company’s logo on the power bank to ensure your brand goes noticed.

With the coming trends of the wide array of extremely fast power banks, the Gladiator proves that a combination of speed and capacity is the way to go. The minimal design and the sturdy casing makes the Gladiator a very safe and durable power bank which uses 10400 mAh and can recharge from a USB port. We offer a complete design and print for the power bank, and we guarantee a flawless and precise image of the brand.

The power bank has 10400 mAh and can easily charge your mobile phone or small portable device. It also includes a USB cable and it works on any device that has a Micro USB input and with an optional 3 in 1 cable with Apple 30 pins. The micro USB and Apple Lighting connectors are available at an additional cost.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the printing and the characteristics of the power bank. If you’d like to make designs for professional companies, always keep your cool with a minimal but keen design, and with a larger power bank battery capacity.

It’s really no surprise why our Gladiator Power Banks are so popular with businesses looking for a memorable promotional item which remains a very distinctive top-quality power bank. Additionally, it is one of the more money-friendly choices you can make, from our vast array of power banks and system devices. If you want to promote your logo, go ahead and start with the Gladiator Power Bank.

Aluminium Weekend Wallet The Perfect Gift

There are a couple of choices you can make when a good, high-quality wallet is in question. And let’s be honest, a wallet is one of the most important things you can carry. But finding the perfect wallet is so much easier if you know what you really want and how it suits your needs. We offer you a unique choice to promote, hype up, and advertise your very own brand or logo of your company. With a quick print transfer you can promote the brand with ease. Feel free to contact us for your customizations and preferences.

It doesn’t matter whether you travel light, or you are on for some heavy duty business trips, a branded aluminum wallet is a very versatile choice. But, of course, there are many others that offer many other useful characteristics that go in accord with your preferences. We will break down the pros and cons of the types of wallets and why we at Ezypromos recommend you carry a Leatherette Wallet. Here are a couple of good ideas:

  1. The Aluminium Weekend Wallet Purse is a perfect choice for the ones who like to keep it cool and casual. This compact wallet is a very versatile “weapon” of choice; it has 6 accordion pockets and a push clip opening. If you are not a fan of black, you can customize the wallet to match your taste.

With a 4 color print transfer, you will be able to print and make many wallets with your logo on them. The outside of the wallet is printed, with a total space of 110mm x 75mm. The space is enough to get your message or logo across and promote your brand.

Additionally, the aluminum wallet makes sure your cards and keys stay intact and don’t cause too much noise. It’s the perfect wallet for the everyday casual dude who knows exactly what he’s doing.

  1. The Bonded Leather Travel Wallet is ideal for tour guides, conference groups, business groups, and much more. It’s a very versatile and compact wallet that is best suited for the busy people on the go. Our promotional Leather Wallet is a contemporary choice which offers you an absolutely multi-function wallet, perfect for any occasion and circumstance.

    It has a silvery sip, elastic internal pocket which is meshed, a pen loop and business card holder, all of which constitute a very fine wallet for your needs. The material consists of a scalloped front and back panel, made of high-quality bonded leather which withstands the test of time.

    Measuring at 13cm x 24.5cm x 3cm, it provides two large logo print spaces of 60mm x 200mm (both front and back panels). Most importantly, the bonded leather ensures that the transferred or screen print stays for a very long time.

  2. When you just want to keep things simple and traditional, the Agrade Sueded Leatherette Slim Fold Wallet has your back. The slim folding design completes your everyday businessman look and is equipped with six card slots, so people will know you mean business. The two side pockets are for various uses and large bill pocket offers you even more space for your cards.

    The Leatherette is made only with the finest quality PU material and is designed and decorated with a color-removing laser which ensures the surface stays sheen and distinctive on the material. The muslin drawstring bag is individually packed and comes with a shiny black box. During these modern times, a leatherette wallet is a very important component of this time and era, and it compliments and suits the modern day businessman which knows the importance of a well-dressed man.

    Of course, the modern man knows that the wallet is the most-overlooked accessory and many people simply ignore this very important detail which constitutes the integrity of the modern day businessman. But, most forget that a heavily-stuffed wallet can be a very unpleasant sight. One must keep it classy at all times. The Ezypromos Leatherette offers high-quality and reasonably priced wallets which can be branded with screen printing, embossing and laser engraving.

    Above all, the wallet can be a fantastic gift for your friends, loved ones, colleagues, and customers! It is one of the best gifts for a promotional cause which does not go unnoticed. Ezypromos guarantee high-quality printing and ensures your brand mentioned out there.

Calico Bags to Replace Plastic Bags

Calico Bags are no doubt a very smart choice for replacing those annoying plastic bags. Not only that they are reusable and eco-friendly, they can last a really long time, provided if the users take good care of them, of course. These bags can be easily used on a regular basis, and they’re pretty stylish as well! Ezypromos has your back when you are in need of some trendy bags for all your troubles.

We, as a conscious collective species, have a solemn duty to keep our planet healthy and search for alternatives to the dreadful material that’s clogging up Mother Nature’s veins. We hear it almost every day on the news, rising levels of plastic in the ocean, landfills, etc. It’s a huge problem in the World and we must take care of our lovely planet, don’t we?

Calico Bags are one of the more effective alternatives money can buy. They have undoubtedly stood the test of time and are here to stay as a great alternative for many inferior bags sold on today’s market. We offer you high quality Calico Bags that will suit your needs. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes.

Here, at Ezypromos, we stock the following calico bag options, and they come in a range of designs:

The Calico Double Long Handle Conference Bag – 140gsm

The Calico Single Handle Library Satchel – 180gsm

The Calico Library Back Pack with Drawstrings – 200gsm

The Supa Shopper Short Handle Calico Bag – 130gsm

The Calico Double Short Handle Tote Bag – 140gsm

We have an urgency to search for alternative ways for the plastic that is plaguing the Australian environment. Of course, we have seen the horrors of plastic bags, just flying about everywhere and ending up in whales’ stomachs. The problem gets worse. It’s so bad that in the underdeveloped countries, where the pollution is catastrophic, the cynic phrase “The Nation’s flag” actually means the plastic bags that are wrapped around the branches of trees. Absolutely terrifying.

The calico bags we offer might be a small step to thwart the huge pollution that surrounds us. Environmental conscience is necessary if we need to progress. The calico bags use top quality calico fabric we can find. Our bags come in standard sizes, but you can always find the one that suits you most from our wide range of bags. You can choose the colours and specifications.

Feel free to browse our high-quality calico bags and find your green eco-friendly logo or size. The printing process is top notch and ensures the color stays for a long time without fading away. If you have any questions please drop us a line at

The natural, stylish look of our promotional calico bags offer you the best option for carrying bags and it is a perfect choice for your company needs, or for your personal needs. It is highly popular among millenials and guarantees catching anybody’s eye. They are a very durable option, reusable, eco-friendly, and absolutely inexpensive.

If you are looking for the best choice for a casual strap-and-carry bag for any purpose, the most stylish and eco-friendly option would be the Ezypromos Calico Bags. It’s simply unbeatable when it comes to appearance, quality, environmental value, and durability.

Balloons For Your Next Party

Does your party need some more colour? We at Ezypromos have everything a party requires. Try imagining a proper celebration without balloons. You can’t! Ezypromos got your back. We offer high-quality custom printed balloons for all your party needs.

Party balloons are literally the most cost-effective party essentials for your planned event. The party balloons are the first thing the guests notice, and they are very inexpensive. But the most important aspect why our balloons differ from any other regular material balloon is that you can print your very own corporate logo or company message. If you are planning a corporate event or festivity, then this party essential is for you!

We offer nothing but the best high-quality printing method, guaranteed the colour will turn out nicely and stay on the balloon as long as the balloon remains unpopped by kids. The printed balloons will guarantee catching the eye of anybody and this is a perfect way to promote your company’s logo and message.

The printed logos can come with multiple colors, up to 4 colors on 2 sides of the balloon, to be specific. We have five types of materials that are used for the balloons, and you can choose either the standard, decorator, crystal, metallic, or pearls type of material, depends on which you like more.

We have a wide array of colors and we ensure you that you will find the perfect printed balloon that you may require for your festivity. Please feel free to contact us!

Hacky Sack a Great Promotional Gift

The Hacky Sack has been a very viable alternative to a soccer ball for generations. Our Ezypromos PVC hacky sack ensures no child remains bored or inactive. We at Ezypromos offer high quality material, durability, and longevity in our products and the Hacky Sack is no exception. It’s the ultimate in keepie-uppie and grand dexterity. A very fun and high-energy ball which is filled with dry grain.

The origins of the name comes from the 70s brand of balls from Wham-O, “Hacky Sack” has since then been a generic trademark and there are some hacky sack games similar to this one in Asia. It’s also called a “footbag” and it’s a very active and healthy sport which takes one or more players to keep the bag in the air, and despite its gain in popularity in the 70s it has existed for many years.

Origins of the modern version of the hacky sack goes from way back to 1972, when Marshall and Stalberger, two Oregonians, decided to try out their new and whacky sports toy. Sadly, Marshall died of a heart attack, leaving Stalberger to push the product even further, and its popularity grew throughout the 80s. The rights for the product was bought by the toy giant Wham-O, shortly after that.

Among the subcultural rock n roll communities of the 90s such as the grunge scene, and the hippies scene, the hacky sack has been a staple of a pass time. Remaining highly popular untill the 2000s, the Hacky Sack is usually loosely packed with plastic beads and pellet fillings, and sometimes with sand. They are the ultimate learning tool for replacing soccer balls, and are much easier for versatility and control.

The hacky sack bags usually weigh around 50 grams, and it depends on the type of filling used. This sport’s discipline is characterized by a much harder surface of the ball than all the other footbags, as those specific bags are not very suited for freestyle or other sports. Several other shoe modifications are common in the freestyle hacky sacks.

To make the handling easier, there are some modifications which make your shoes more comfortable for handling and serving the ball. Always remember to keep your toes active, since this is no soccer ball. Lacing patterns also come in handy, as there are more efficient methods of lacing up your shoe for the hacky sack. Ezypromos offer nothing but the best when it comes to high quality hacky sacks.

Many professional hacky sack players prefer a more durable hacky sack, but they also pay attention to their footwear of choice. The shoe modifications offer a more suitable hacky sack handling to their advantage.

If you are looking for some good old fashioned fun and high-activity playtime for your friends and family, then look no further than the Ezypromos Hacky Sack.

Snap on a New Form of Promotion

Badges are a surprising, yet effective way of promoting a business or community group to a wider audience. From schools through to churches and large businesses through to community groups, promotional badges offer a great way to get your name out and about to a wider audience. The badges at EzyPromos aren’t just any badges – they are bright and bold, designed to easily stand out.


With a large range of promotional badges to choose from, your next corporate day, fundraising event or sports day will certainly stand out.


For businesses looking for an alternative to their next function or seminar, or simply looking away from the traditional name badge, the Retractable Name Badge Holder with Metal Clip is a great choice. These badges are 31mm in diameter and 82mm in height, extending out to 90mm. With a four colour pad print, these customised name badges can be utilised with a range of PVC Card Holders.


EzyPromos also stocks a large range of basic Button Badges in bright colours ready for your design. With sizes ranging from 25mm through to 90mm in diameter these branded badges are a great, low cost promotional item that can be given away to customers and clients or sold as promotional merchandise in your souvenir or gift store. These badges come with a great four colour print and give you plenty of space to market your business, school or community group.


The White Plastic Button Badge is another great choice to help market your brand. These badges are 65mm in diameter and have a slightly curved surface. With a white backing and safety pin fitting, these branded badges will help show off your branding.


While branded badges may not have originally been on your radar they are becoming more and more popular with businesses due to the low cost. Because they are a smaller item, they are also easier to keep in storage.


If you need a new marketing and promotional tool, think outside the box with a branded badge from EzyPromos.

Don’t Lose Power Outdoors This Winter

Winter brings with it camping, fishing, hiking, picnics, boat trips, holidays and so much more, but there is one thing that could turn your day or holiday sour and that’s losing power to your phone – it could mean losing communication with family, holiday partners or emergency services if your travels take you out of metro and regional areas.


EzyPromos has the solution with the Solar Power Bank, a power bank with mini solar panels that features a three hour recharge window and is water durable and dust resistant meaning it can sit at the bottom of your hiking bag or in the glove compartment of your 4WD without issues.


Run a business within the business and lifestyle category or planning a multi-day charity bike ride? The Solar Power Bank is a great option as a piece of promotional merchandise or as a giveaway or gift option. Emblazoned with a great looking logo print, your customers and clients won’t have trouble remembering who you are.


One of the best things about this power bank is that it can not only be solar charged, but also comes with a micro USB charger allowing your customers and clients to recharge their powerbank before they leave home, and recharge it on the go.


These power banks come in three great colour options – blue, green and yellow – giving you the option of matching to your branding requirements and making it easy for your customers to find their power bank in fading light.


If your business is looking for a promotional power bank for the adventurer or traveller, a branded Solar Power Bank will have them returning to your business for more adventure gear.

Serpent Tote Bag For Indigenous Events

To firstly disclaim the thing that matters, tote bags do not have the property of a long shelf-life. They break down easily. If they were “immortal” when it comes to shelf-life, that would totally miss the point of eco-friendliness now would it? As society reaches 2018, more and more people become very environmentally conscious, and this does not mean buying eco-friendly products, but using energy in a more conservative fashion. We at Ezypromos highly urge our customers to respect our environment and make the right choice, and tote bags are one of those good choices.

As resources get scarce, the tote bag comes in with some decent solutions. The true power of tote bags promise they will make a big difference and even usurp the tyrannical reign of plastic bags, keeping them out of use for good. The material which the Ezypromos Tote Bag is made of does not stretch or shrink, as the non-woven polypropylene texture makes it so.

The history of the tote bag originates from the 1940s with L.L. Bean, a The first incarnation of the tote bag was introduced in 1944 when Leon L. Bean debuted a very quirky canvas bag which was made durable enough to carry ice. It didn’t excite the markets when it debuted but quickly got to the top in the 1960s.

Today, the almighty tote bags dominate the market and have become a very hefty alternative method for plastic bags. Among the qualities the tote bag possesses, the affordability and budget-friendly price is what got their popularity going. They are awesome promotional products, and they are eco-friendly at the same time. It’s the perfect combination of utility and mindfulness.

It promotes a very proper mindset and sets a flawless example for eco-consciousness, while grabbing the attention of passersby. Your clients and colleagues will be intrigued. The tote bag has a Serpent-styled decorative paint which guarantees standing out from the crowd.

Here at Ezypromos, we have a wide variety and styles of bags and tote bags for you to browse. Explore our vast collection of eco-friendly promo products to step up your promotional campaign. Our Serpent Tote Bag has short carry handles, overlocked seams, with a capacity of 9 litres. The tote bags can have your business or association logo screen printed, digital transfer printed, heat transfer printed or embroidered on.

But this is not the only quality the Ezypromos Tote Bag has, as our wide array of tote bags come in handy in every situation and every occasion. Our tote bags are of the highest quality on the Australian market and we provide a range of branding options so that you can find your exact fit with us. We have a very wide selection of tote bags with a printing option, guaranteed to suit any budget and any occasion.

The tote bags are non-woven, and that explains the very affordable price. Non-woven bags usually are a lot cheaper that the regular bags and easier to make. The affordability and effectiveness proves them a strong contender for the most eco bag on the market!

Everyone loves a good company which promotes eco-mindfulness, while promoting your very own company brand on the bag. Your colleagues, clients, and friends will be greatly impressed.

Crazy Putty For Kids and Adult Promotions

No one can resist the amusing properties of the crazy putty. The amusing toy dough has been around since the 1940s when a chemical research assistant dropped an experimental beaker and found out it bounced merrily. J.G.E. Wright and his assistant Curtis Oliver, were in charge of developing rubber substitute from cross-linking silicones. When violently struck, the material shattered. The zany rubber blob quickly caught the puzzled eye of the scientists and officers, little did they know that it would turn out to be the putty it is today. It is a fantastic promotional novelty item.

The name “Silly Putty” is actually gotten from the Crayola Company as its trademark which is why our putty is called “Crazy Putty”. The Ezypromos Putty is a toy based on silicone polymers with very unusual properties. It’s very bouncy, and it breaks when hit really hard, but it can act as a liquid, if given enough time that is. This material is called non-Newtonian fluid, which contains a viscoelastic silicone, an “elastic solid” if you will.

Kids and adults alike will be bedazzled by this classic toy. Ezypromos offer you 50 grams of assorted color putty in an opaque 2 piece tub and it comes in an assortment of five fluro colours: pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

The Ezypromos Putty makes up for a great toy. You can roll the putty into a ball and bounce it, or mould it into any shape, release the inner artist! Bear in mind that the putty is fairly difficult to remove from textured material such as clothes. Not to worry, hand sanitizers usually do the trick. Putty dissolves when applied with alcohol, but will eventually lose its property.

The putty always yields astounding experimental results. Amusingly enough, it softens up and melts a lot faster if you put it into water. If Crayy Putty is submerged in warm or hot water, it will become softer and thus “melt” much faster.

This toy has been very popular as of late. As of July 2009, it is reported that 20,000 putty-based toys have been sold daily. The Ezypromos Putty is available in green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange colors. Grab one today!