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How You Can Promote Business using Corporate Apparel

Using Corporate Apparel

Most of us may not often think about the apparel as promotional items other than the general promotional T-shirts that might get sold at festivals and events, but there is a wide range of apparel options that will help spread your branding and message and it starts with your staff members. Your staff members are often your best form of marketing, so getting them into branded apparel helps keep the image you work for and provides a modest form of marketing – a logo on a business shirt or on workwear is often the first thing that catches the eye. Using corporate apparel makes sense on so many levels.

Company managers do not only want to rent out work apparel for their staff, they want to benefit from the image of improving results produced from a handled corporate apparel plan. Most popular among those benefits is the ability to propose a well-qualified image and effectively recommend a brand. Several years back, a national survey carried out for the textile industry that customers are more likely to do business with employees who wear uniforms as they seem very professionals and were seen as being more competent and knowledgeable. These stud are accurate now as it could change into significant bottom-line benefits for those businesses choosing a managed corporate uniform and clothing program for their personnel.

Improve Your Companies Image

The leading reasons companies choose corporate apparel products are for making an attention-getting business image. People have a tendency to judge people by the way they dress. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business perception which appeals to and permits to maintain customers. This delivers about the impact of getting your promotional products recognized. When staff members put on uniforms displaying corporate logos combined with colours, they support the brand and separate their company in the markets they provide. It also promotes free advertising. Well-made work uniform in public comes to be walking advertisements, advertising a brand’s services for free

Outfits present useful benefits, such as wearer protection. For example, flame-resistant professional wear can be of assistance in preventing injuries brought by accidental electrical flashes or fires, and high presence apparels can shield personnel from being hit by cars. It also strengthens security. Corporate apparel showcasing detailed designs or colours promptly make out who actually does not belong to the precise workplaces or job sites

Build Team Spirit

Whether you apply an aim of sale or a point of sale elements printing or corporate apparel, it will build team spirit. A good sense of team spirit will improve a brand in the long run. Furthermore, it elevates consumer relationships. Corporate apparel automatically acknowledge company envoys who may possibly be approached for buying information, therefore enhancing consumer service largely. Lastly, it stimulates business pride. Corporate apparel provides great assistance in inspiring a good sense of satisfaction and accountability and can adjust workers into product ambassadors’ outside the work environment.

All in all, your staff members are often your best form of marketing, so getting them into branded apparel helps keep the image you work for and provides a modest form of marketing – a logo on a business shirt or on workwear is often the first thing that catches the eye.

At Ezy Promos, we have a range of items, including corporate apparels, which your staff members can wear including men’s and women’s business shirts for those who predominately work in the office, polo’s for those who travel regularly or work in non-office environment, and high-vis safety wear for those working on-site or around machinery. Whether you are looking for something for your staff members or a promotional merchandise item that catches the eye, you are sure to find what you want in our extensive range.

Using Corporate Apparel

Using Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel versus Promotional Products

It is often asked what is the best way to get your brand out there in the market place. Obviously companies use many different marketing strategies to expand their brands and to get name recognition. Whilst for the individual the goal might be just to lift ones profile, with corporations the only kind of image you would want to nurture is a positive image. That is why the medium with which to expand one’s brand is almost as important as the message. In the world of promo there are two very solid means with which to extend the reach of a brand. One is promotional products the other is corporate merchandise. While they may overlap it is important to understand the benefit of each and the characteristics that bind them.

Starting with corporate apparel there are many different types of items which make up this category. Corporate apparels is made up of a few different subcategories. They include:


  • Bathrobes
  • Business Shirts
  • Footwear
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Ponchos
  • Polos
  • Singlets
  • T-shirts
  • Vests
  • Workwear


All the above subcategories of corporate apparel are fundamental to corporate identity. When companies choose to outfit there employees for an event or as uniforms they are ultimately trying to solidify their image to the viewing public and their customers. The look of their workforce will form the public’s perception of the company and what they think of it. Companies go to great lengths to create a combination and design that will best represent the companies ideals in the market place. When you think of companies such as Apple with their employees at the Apple Stores or the effort that McDonalds go to in their uniforms it is clear that corporations take their corporate apparel seriously. Any combination of the subcategories above is essential in assisting a positive and last corporate identity.

Whilst the look of the employees is important another aspect of expanding a brand is promotional products. Promotional products or corporate merchandise is an essential tool of any effective marketing strategy. To extend the reach of traditional and digital marketing it is important to give customer a physical manifestation of ones corporate identity. Companies choose a huge array of products to achieve this objective chopping and changing as the circumstance alters. Indeed any effective promotional products strategy needs to be fluid and able to adapt to the current message a company is trying to put across. Again taking the example of McDonalds you will notice a very thought through and target promotional products strategy. With McDonald they promotional merchandise is tried in with product offerings. So every new promotional item is directly connected with goals and objective set out by their marketing departments.

I will discuss the intertwine of the two approaches further in upcoming blog and further explore their effectiveness in marketing.