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Bottled Water

  • 600ml Natural Spring Water with Pink Cap

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    600ml Natural Spring Water with Pink Cap


  • 600ml Natural Spring Water

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    600ml Natural Spring Water


  • 350ml Natural Spring Water

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    350ml Natural Spring Water


  • 250ml Natural Spring Water

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    250ml Natural Spring Water


Promotional Bottled Water

If your company hosts conferences and conventions, you need to make sure your guests are comfortable and have whatever they need to go through several hours of speeches and discussions. They’ll need some food and drinks to stay fresh and energetic and as the host, it’s your responsibility to provide it to them. At Brand Republic, we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and gain some recognition. You can use promotional drink bottles to achieve this result.

What are Promotional Drink Bottles?

Promotional drink bottles are bottles of clean drinking water with customised brand logos or company names on them. You can distribute them at your events, conferences, and conventions to gain more recognition and exposure for your brand. The logos and names are printed on the labels rather than the bottle itself so they’re vivid and clear. We use the latest printing technology to ensure the logos and names stand out and immediately the attention of the attendees. We offer different kinds of promotional drink bottles, including:

  • 250ml Natural Spring Water Bottle
  • 350ml Natural Spring Water Bottle
  • 600ml Natural Spring Water Bottle with a White Cap
  • 600ml Natural Spring Water Bottle with a Pink Cap

You can choose a product according to your preferences and budget.  You can also choose the colour and size of the labels according to your logo design. For example, if you can add a black background to make the white logo or text pop.

What Are the Advantages?

Many business owners wonder why they should invest in promotional drink bottles instead of choosing an alternative with no branding. There are several advantages that make these bottles worth the investment you place in them:

  • Promotion – As mentioned before, these bottles have great promotional value. It’s not blatant or very visible, but it’s noticeable enough that your attendees and prospective customers will make a note of it. It’s an added layer of marketing and promotion and will make your brand more visible.
  • Stand Out – Very few business owners think of branding their water bottles so this is an easy way to distinguish yourself from your competition. This can be especially useful in a large event with many business rivals present. Small things like branded water bottles can have an impact and make you memorable.
  • Affordable – These bottles are relatively affordable for the value they offer so you can easily order them in bulk without breaking the bank. They’ll arrive at your location so you don’t have to worry about transporting them either.

All you need to do is request a quote at our website. We’ll replay quickly with all the price and shipping details so you can plan your purchase accordingly.

You can know more about our products and services at Brand Republic by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.