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Custom Branded Singlets

Branded singlets and sports teams go hand in hand, especially if your sports team is sponsored by a local business. Generally, part of a sponsorship deal will include having the brand or logo of the business on your team uniform, and our range of branded singlets are perfect for this.

We’ve supplied branded singlets to a large range of sporting and recreational leisure teams and groups including netball and basketball teams, as well as marathon and fun-run runners and all of our customers have commented on how comfortable our singlets are, and how well suited they are to playing sports and other recreational activities.

Singlets aren’t just good for sporting teams though; they can be a great promotional product for events and tourism businesses for promotional merchandise. There are a large number of people who attend music and sports festivals as well as tourism destinations who buy apparel as a souvenir. Our GSCC range is perfect for this situation, with a large number of print spaces for branding and a longer design to complement most body shapes.

For sports teams, our Team Singlet is a great option for both men and women. With a combination of cool dry, spandex, nylon and polyester blend, the Team Singlet is comfortable, easy to move in and stylish, as well as having a large amount of logo printing space available for sponsors logos and brands. The Aspect Cool Dry Singlet is another popular option with its easy fit style.

If your company or sports team needs a branded singlet top, we have a large range suitable for wearing by your entire team.