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Custom Printed T-Shirts

Finding a suitable t-shirt for your sporting team or work event can be difficult – they either don’t come in a suitable style or are seriously expensive, especially when it comes to getting them branded. But you don’t need to spend a lot to get a great quality t-shirt for your required use. Branded t-shirts are a great promotional tool; your logo or message is instantly visible, your staff can easily be recognised and they can easily be given away or sold to customers and clients.

Most companies will use t-shirts for staff sporting teams or for use at conventions and events. For these conventions and events, they are often used as part of the initial marketing stage or given away as attendance gifts in gift bags. For company sports teams, our range of t-shirts can easily help your staff team stand out and your brand be seen.

Many professional sporting associations will also use t-shirts as part of their branding and promotion; if you’ve ever been to a professional sports game you will have noticed a lot of supporters wearing branded t-shirts in their team’s colours.

We have a large range of t-shirts, all of which can easily be branded with your company or team logo and message. One popular option with event organisers are our Hanes Organic T t-shirts; made with organic cotton and with a tapered, comfortable fit, they will continue to look good and feel good no matter how long the event goes for.

For sporting teams, our Cool Dry T-shirts are popular; with anti-bacterial protection, moisture wicking material and UV protection, these quick dry t-shirts are perfect for running around the field and court.

Branded t-shirts are an essential promotional item for businesses and a great item for sports team to help get your brand or message out to a wider audience.