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  • NATURA Oaken Wireless Charger Desk Caddy

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    NATURA Oaken Wireless Charger Desk Caddy


Do you often see your staff members looking for something to store all their pens in? Sure, you can add a stationery caddy to their desk draw, but having pens at your fingertips is much more convenient; and this is where a promotional pen holder can be a great addition to your company’s promotional products.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, or who your clients are, everyone can use a pen holder, whether at work or at home. We have a great range of promotional pen holders which are affordable, stylish and will market your brand when you can’t.

Our most popular branded pen holder is our Green Desk Policy. This handy little pen holder is really an eco-friendly 3-in-1 desk accessory combining a pen holder, clock/alarm clock and business card holder. Our Green Desk Policy pen holder is a stylish option that can be used on any desk in any office.

Another of our eco-friendly branded pen holders is our Bamboo Desk Caddy. These little caddy’s make for a great promotional giftware item and can easily be given to customers and clients packaged together with a branded pen, promotional USB, notebook and branded sticky notes.

Desk accessories are a great way to get your brand access, and will be well received in any of your client’s offices whether they work in the city or on a remote construction site.

If you find yourself in need of a great little promotional tool to add to gift baskets or just too simply remind your customers and clients of who you are, a branded pen holder can do your marketing for you, when you aren’t able to.