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  • Reusable Poncho in Polybag

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    Reusable Poncho in Polybag


  • Reusable Poncho in Zipper Pouch

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    Reusable Poncho in Zipper Pouch


  • Disposable Poncho in Round Case

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    Disposable Poncho in Round Case


  • Emergency Rain Coat

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    Emergency Rain Coat

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Promotional Ponchos

For some promotional campaigns, a typical promo item such as a mug or the like won’t cut it – you need something different, something to catch the eye. Ponchos are a great promotional item for outside events and festivals and since you can never be sure what the weather will be like, these are a great promotional giveaway or promotional merchandise option.

Our range of ponchos are perfect for a range of items and events, from music festival and major sporting events, through to travel kits of sports and school teams. These ponchos can be easily branded allowing your brand or team name and sponsors advertising opportunities.

Ponchos are a cost effective promotional item that will be used by almost everyone who gets one in their hands. It keeps the person wearing it dry, and the hood ensures the wearer’s head is kept dry even in a heavy downpour. A branded poncho brings many benefits but most importantly, it allows your customers to keep doing what they are doing – whether that be attending a sports event or listening to their favourite band at the local music festival – without getting wet. Additionally, a branded poncho ensures your brand and logo are on show at all times.

Our promotional poncho range includes disposable ponchos great for one-off events or reusable ponchos which are perfect for sports and school teams and groups, or for you to use in and around the office and worksite.

Ponchos are an unconventional promotional item, however they will certainly become a favourite with customers and clients in bad weather.