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Luggage Tags

Almost everyone travels at some point, and with so many suitcases and travel bags looking the same, people are often on the lookout for a good quality luggage tag that helps them identify their bags in a busy airport, train station or bus station.

Promotional Luggage Tags are a great marketing opportunity for many businesses – from travel supply companies through to coffee shops and apparel designers. They are also a great promotional product if your staff travel a lot; give a branded luggage tag to your staff members and they will be carrying your brand with them wherever they go.

We have a large range of Luggage Tags, perfect for everything from a laptop bag through to a large suitcase, in a range of materials and designs. Our Elite Aluminium Luggage Tags are great for those who travel a lot; the high quality stainless steel faster with brass screw make these tags almost indestructible making them perfect for going from plane to plane or from plane to train.

Our Shiny PVC Self-Locking Luggage Tags are great if you are travelling with a sports team or school group. These bright luggage tags will ensure you won’t misplace any bags, and the self-locking aspect ensures any children travelling with you won’t be able to easily un-tag their bag.

While luggage tags are a promotional product that isn’t often used, there are many companies out there who are in the travel game who have latched onto the great branding options that luggage tags bring. Whether you are in the travel business or in the apparel business making and marketing clothing for travel, a promotional luggage tag is a great addition to your current marketing products.