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Wrist Bands

Promotional Wrist Bands

Wristbands have been used by many entertainment and event companies, and are a great promotional tool. Traditionally, many of them aren’t easily removed, and due to their bright colours, they attract the eyes of anyone passing by to the wristband and therefore attracting eyes to your branding or logo.

Our silicone wristband range will last a lot longer than traditional paper wristbands which means they are great for charity days, charity marketing, sports teams and school teams. Due to their silicone nature, they allow the use of bright colours and sit looser on the wrist than paper wristbands.

For children, our Silicone Wrist Wrapz are a great choice; they are fun and bright and with the “slap and wrap” action, the provide hours of fun for children, meaning that your branding and logo is going to be in front of caregivers for hours.

We also have a range of Adjustable Wristbands, which are great when you need to market to both adults and children. With the option to fit a range of wrist sizes, these wristbands are great for school and social sports teams to show their support for their team. The benefit of wristbands is that they allow you to promote your sponsors or donators while still giving you space to show your team’s logo.

Our 12mm Silicone Wristbands are a popular option with a range of colours, and branding styles; available in three different sizes – adult, youth and child – you can pick the size to match your promotional needs.

Branded wristbands are a great promotional tool to add to your marketing products, and with our range of wristbands combined with a range of printing and branding options, your logo and message will stand out.