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Printed Lanyards

From staff ID cards and event name cards through to lanyard attachments for promotional USB’s, the simple lanyard can be a huge boost to your promotional campaign.

Generally lanyards are used at events to attach to name cards, and many companies also use them for their staff to keep their ID’s in; in both circumstances, the wearer will be wearing your promotional lanyard in public, providing lots of opportunities for people to notice your company name or branding message.

Lanyards are also a great option for your staff to attach keys and security passes to, and our Unlimited Badge Holder and Retractable Badge Holder are popular choices. Both options allow you to brand the badge section, which can easily be attached to shirts and pants pockets, allowing your staff to keep their keys and security passes safe.

We also have a huge range of polyester lanyards available in a range of widths (12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm) that are perfect for events or for gifts to your staff, customers or club members. These polyester lanyards can be attached to many of our promotional USB range, providing even more of a branding opportunity to current and potential customers and clients.

Promotional lanyards are a low cost promotional tool and with so many practical uses, they are a popular item for everyone from event companies and organisers through to your marketing, HR and security departments.

If you’re looking for a promotional lanyard for your staff or customers, we have a great range to choose from, and we are sure you’ll find something suitable for your purposes.