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Food & Beverages

Events wouldn’t be nearly as memorable and noteworthy as they are these days without promotional food and beverages to keep you fed at festivals, expos, conferences, training days, sport days and so many more. EzyPromo┬áhas a team that’s been servicing the nation’s biggest events for a number of years and we know that promotional food and beverages are an easy, affordable marketing option for your business.

We have food and beverage options from small to enormous events and festivals, and these include any of the following which will be made to your specifications with our expert logo designers:

  • Bottled water
  • Confectionery (breath mints, jelly beans, lollipops, M&Ms)
  • Chocolates and luxury food items (macarons, truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate kisses, chocolate hearts, chocolate squares, chocolate stars, ingot bars)
  • Wine

Promotional food and beverage packaging is one of the most flexible options for our logo designers to work with, check out our catalogue above.