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Eco Coffee Cups

  • Bardot Vacuum Mug

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    Bardot Vacuum Mug


  • Valetta Double Wall Cup

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    Valetta Double Wall Cup


  • River Rock Tumblers by HydroSoul

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    River Rock Tumblers by HydroSoul


  • River Rock Mirror Finish Tumblers by HydroSoul

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    River Rock Mirror Finish Tumblers by HydroSoul


  • Calm Cup by HydroSoul

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    Calm Cup by HydroSoul


  • Zen Mirror Finish Mugs 350ml

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    Zen Mirror Finish Mugs 350ml


  • Nova Cup – Borosilicate 350ml

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    Nova Cup – Borosilicate 350ml


  • Nova Cup – Borosilicate 250ml

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    Nova Cup – Borosilicate 250ml


  • Cup 2 Go – 300ML – Glass

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    Cup 2 Go – 300ML – Glass


Reusable Eco Coffee Cups & Mugs

One of the most important and eco-friendly ways to promote your brand and company name is by using high-quality, reusable eco coffee cups!

Here, at Ezypromos in Australia, we have one of the lowest prices on eco-friendly cups for promotional use.

Why bother with plastic cups when you can just go for a more conscious choice?

We offer excellent quality printing and there’s no better way raise your brand awareness than to use eco-friendly cups for your organizations and gatherings.

If you’re looking for the best ways and methods to promote your company, raise brand awareness, and place your business on the top spot, one of the most efficient campaigns you can go for is definitely using promotional products.

What’s more, sending the right message about saving the planet, as well as promoting an eco-conscious message about sustainability, will definitely score you points with the eco-friendly crowd.

It is crucial in this day and age that we move on with the times and join the fight against pollution.

Please feel free to browse our other promotional products for organizations and businesses like mugs/cups, yoga mats, umbrellas, usb flash drives, pens, air fresheners, and much more!

The Importance of Reusable Eco-Friendly Cups

Reusable eco-friendly coffee cups and mugs are becoming more and more popular for a reason. People just seem to prefer them more than single-use styrofoam cups.

Around 16 billion single-use cups are being used throughout the world, and they are difficult to recycle, and are almost non-recyclable. This causes unimaginable damage to the ecosystem.

That’s why we’re trying to prove a point by going for more sustainable options, and this will make an enormous difference.

This is a very small step that would really help the environment. Here, at Ezypromos, we always make sure that we’re one step further into the future.

The good news are that single-use cups and mugs are already going away for good, as more and more coffee shops, cafes, organizations, restaurants, Waitrose supermarket retailers, and other businesses are going for a more sustainable option – eco-friendly coffee cups!

You have giant chains like Starbucks that are considering a 5p levy on single-use cups, as many world superpowers and UN countries are also going for a so-called ‘latte levy’ that would help bring down the plastic plague in the world.

So, if your business wants to make a change for a better future, you should consider going for eco-friendly promotional products that are a win-win for your business, and the environment.
Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Coffee Cups Means Value and Efficiency!
At Ezypromos, we value quality and quantity for an excellent price.

You have a huge number of promotional products of all kinds, not just coffee cups, and you’re welcome to check our massive array of products for your promotional campaign.

Reusable coffee cups with a well-printed logo of your brand name are excellent for large gatherings, business meetings, and cultural events that would surely popularize your company name or slogan.

Cups and mugs make for a great gift too, as they are an excellent strategy for effective marketing. Exposure is very important, and having a well-placed logo, brand name, or slogan on a promotional product like a mug, or a pen, means serious business awareness.

Eco-friendly coffee mugs promote a healthy environmental message that would surely please a lot of folks, especially young people who are becoming more and more eco-aware about the planet’s plastic situation, so you’d be very pleased to have such promotional products that make a great difference and turn heads.

Ezypromos has your back – our eco-friendly coffee cups will guarantee a solid business opportunity and promotional campaign that will skyrocket your company and will raise awareness for your brand name, and send out an eco-friendly message as well.

Our Ezypromos Reusable Coffee Cups Are High-Quality

Our Ezypromos reusable cups are made of double walled frosted plastic, and you can choose multiple colors.

We have the Nova Cup – Borosilicate 250ml and 350ml if you’re looking for larger cups. They have a secure push-on silicone lid and a wide heat-resistant silicone band.

Borosilicate is a lightweight, exceptionally strong material, and it’s also shatter-resistant. These are one of the most high-quality glassware items we have.

The Express Cup 350ml and the Express Cup Grande 480ml

The Ezypromos Eco-friendly Coffee Cup Tumbler is a 470ml insulated tumbler in the shape of a paper coffee cup with a screw on lid. It’s individually packaged in a white box.