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Business Shirts

Corporate Business Shirts

We know that your business’ professional reputation is of the utmost importance to you, that’s why we also specialise in corporate branded business shirts for a variety of company categories. Perfect for corporate office workplaces, construction companies, hospitality and tourism businesses, a memorable business shirt will make sure your product or service stands out from your competitors.

Comfort is key here, and that’s why our corporate merchandise is breathable, well-fitting and durable. In order to look the most professional, your employees must feel good wearing their corporate business shirts.

We have shirts in the following styles and materials:

  • Short sleeve
  • ¾ sleeve
  • Long sleeve
  • Lightweight polyester Cool Dry moisture-wicking fabric
  • 70% cotton and 30% Cool Dry moisture-wicking fabric

Our customised corporate merchandise comes in a wide range of colours and sizes, to ensure every employee can look professional and feel their best all day long. Our lightweight polyester Cool Dry shirts are fantastic for construction companies, and any other trade-based business where worked spend a large amount of time in the sun. They are anti-perspiration shirts that will prevent a build-up of moisture which can cause discomfort to wearers.

Our Pinpoint shirts designed for both men and women are made of 70% cotton and 30% Cool Dry fabric, ideal for retail and hospitality services – these are tough and long-lasting to ensure your employees feel relaxed and fresh-looking day-long.

A major benefit of our custom-printed business apparel is that your logo and message can be placed in such a position that this will be a large source of free advertising of your business to potential future clients. Have a look through our catalogue to see which style suits your needs best.