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15 Feb, 2018

Promotional Products Make The World Go Around

While it may not be exactly true promotional products do indeed have a great impact in the world of marketing. They may not make the world go around but they do keep business humming along as they give incentive to customers to use there services. Promotional products have always been used by corpor


02 Feb, 2018

Drive Your Brand Further with Promotional Car Accessories

You don’t need to be in the automotive to transport industry to get the most out of promotional car accessories - these are a great choice for any business and with the large range of choice available at EzyPromos, you won’t be stuck for ideas.   Car accessories make great promotional


02 Jan, 2018

Even the Produce Section Now Features Star Wars-Branded Items

Why Branded Merchandise is so Important These days It’s impossible not to know when the next Star Wars movie is being released. In order to build anticipation, Disney makes sure to put their iconic Star Wars brand on numerous different items. Dole, the world’s largest producer of vegetables and


28 Nov, 2017

Corporate Apparel versus Promotional Products

It is often asked what is the best way to get your brand out there in the market place. Obviously companies use many different marketing strategies to expand their brands and to get name recognition. Whilst for the individual the goal might be just to lift ones profile, with corporations the only ki


20 Nov, 2017

BIC Pens for Your Next Promotional

Why would you buy BIC pens for your promotion? When you think about it one of the most popular promotional products is still the custom pen. Even in this age of smart phones and tablet computers the average person still need a pen both at home and at work. Company give away promotional p


06 Oct, 2017

EzyPromos Now Live in UK Promotional Products Market

Ezy Promos, one of the top promotional agencies in Australia, is delighted to announce they are now active the UK market. Ezy Promos has seen a great deal of success working with customers throughout Asia and the East Pacific. Now, they are proud to bring their services to the shores of the UK and


11 Aug, 2017

Promotional USB Still a Hot Promotional Item

Promotional USB flash drives have been a hot promotional item for many years now. The fact that such a small inconspicuous product would occupy such a huge space in the promotional products industry is testament to its place in the market. Initially USB flash drives were a very expensive product


20 Jun, 2017

New Fidget Spinner Great For Promo

The new fidget spinner is a great new promotional item as well as a fun therapeutic toy.  The user spins it between their fingers and can learn to do tricks with. Its simple spinning action provides hours of stress relieving fun for both adults and children. It is thought that the momentum produced


13 Jun, 2017

Think About Christmas Early

While it is only June it is a good idea to start thinking about your Christmas gifts early. While it is still six months away there are a variety of reasons why you should start planning early. There is nothing worse then getting could out unprepared at a time of the year when you are sure to be bus