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11 May, 2020

Where Will Promotional Products Be In The Future?

The world as we know it has changed so much in the past two months. Everything we took for granted it gone. So of it will never come back again. What was totally normal in the past is not normal any more and vice versa. It seems that everything we used to do has somehow changed. It leaves me wonderi


05 May, 2020

Keep Your Customers Safe With Hand Sanitiser

It is truly a difficult time at the moment. Who would have thought at the start of the year that it would come to this. We were all so positive and looking forward not only to a new year but to a new decade. Then came this insidious virus which originated in Wuhan China and stopped everything in its


17 Nov, 2019

Custom T-Shirts For Sports and Events

I like to watch sports. Well to rephrase that I like to bet on sports but not really watch them. I do watch the UFC occasionally, but only if it is a fighter that I like. The same can be said for boxing. With soccer I only ever watch the World Cup, and only if Croatia, Brazil or Germany are playing.


14 Nov, 2019

Foreign Syndicates Targeting Promotional USBs

It used to be that you just got their spam emails trying to extort money out of you. You know the kind where they say they are the toppled king of a far away kingdom in a far way land. Sometimes they are government officials who some how got their hands on millions of dollars and they just need a co


04 Nov, 2019

Reasons Promotional Products Can Be Effective for Online Business

The internet is a terrific place for accessibility and convenience, but not too great to get lasting interest. There is simply quite much of everything — lots of websites, lots of blog posts, and abundance of social networking activity. All that ends up being an\ obscure blur rushing past your eye


Benefits of Promotional Products

Promotional products are low-cost goods that can make your potential customers and clients enthusiastic about your brand.  Branded items such as mugs as well as pens have functions in workplaces whilst reaping benefits for numerous areas of businesses to offer long-lasting and excellent brand impre


How You Can Promote Business using Corporate Apparel

Most of us may not often think about the apparel as promotional items other than the general promotional T-shirts that might get sold at festivals and events, but there is a wide range of apparel options that will help spread your branding and message and it starts with your staff members. Your staf


27 Oct, 2019

Promotional Umbrellas Not Just For Rainy Days

When you think about umbrellas you naturally think about rainy days and no sunshine. Indeed when most companies promote umbrellas it is during the winter months. We have all seen how miraculously umbrellas appear in shop when it rains. I remember one time when we went to Venice. It was raining cats