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18 May, 2018

Snap on a New Form of Promotion

Badges are a surprising, yet effective way of promoting a business or community group to a wider audience. From schools through to churches and large businesses through to community groups, promotional badges offer a great way to get your name out and about to a wider audience. The badges at EzyProm


15 May, 2018

Don’t Lose Power Outdoors This Winter

Winter brings with it camping, fishing, hiking, picnics, boat trips, holidays and so much more, but there is one thing that could turn your day or holiday sour and that’s losing power to your phone - it could mean losing communication with family, holiday partners or emergency services if your tra


14 May, 2018

Serpent Tote Bag For Indigenous Events

To firstly disclaim the thing that matters, tote bags do not have the property of a long shelf-life. They break down easily. If they were “immortal” when it comes to shelf-life, that would totally miss the point of eco-friendliness now would it? As society reaches 2018, more and more people beco


Crazy Putty For Kids and Adult Promotions

No one can resist the amusing properties of the crazy putty. The amusing toy dough has been around since the 1940s when a chemical research assistant dropped an experimental beaker and found out it bounced merrily. J.G.E. Wright and his assistant Curtis Oliver, were in charge of developing rubber su


02 May, 2018

Keep Your Customer Dry With Branded Ponchos

EzyPromos has a range of ponchos suitable for any sporting organisation or community group. These affordable promotional options are a great branding opportunity and with a well designed logo, you can help your organisation stand out.   If you’re looking for a product your supporters ca


23 Apr, 2018

Bamboo Bags Top Eco Promotions

One of our most interesting products here at EzyPromos is the Bamboo Bag. We are the leaders of the pack when it comes to high-quality promotional bags and utilities. The custom-branded bamboo bag is a solid choice if you need a stylish alternative. We tend to keep up with the trends of the modern


19 Apr, 2018

Promotional USB Still Number One

When thinking about what t include in your next trade show bag or marketing campaign you can't look past USB flash drives. Promotional USB have been one of the leading promotional products for over 10 years now. A sentinel moment for promotional USB was when Homer Simpson himself received a promotio


17 Apr, 2018

Custom Umbrellas For Winter Rain

Often the seasons dictate the kind of promotional products was chose to integrate into our marketing campaigns. It only make sense to try to appeal to customers sense in a way that complements their lives. Summer events often include outdoor events and things like caps and drink bottle. In a similar


15 Feb, 2018

Promotional Products Make The World Go Around

While it may not be exactly true promotional products do indeed have a great impact in the world of marketing. They may not make the world go around but they do keep business humming along as they give incentive to customers to use there services. Promotional products have always been used by corpor