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Promotional Desk Accessories
We probably spend most of our time at our desks which means there are so many opportunities for branding.  Not only is it an opportunity for branding but its an opportunity to give your clients something useful.

The most obvious and the most popular is a pen, plastic, mental, wood, so many options to choose from but who doesn’t love a good promotional pen? As well as a pen maybe consider highlighters as well.

The next most popular item is good old notebook. The most popular ones are A5 size with PU covers, emboss or print your logo on the front.  We also have spiral bound and larger A4 options.  Also consider a diary if you think its suitable for your clients or calendars which are perfect for any desk.

Other desk items are computer mice and mouse pads, both are small and easy to transport if customer does work from home and both are essential items.  Consider our ergonomic mouse mat with a gel wrist rest which your clients will love.

If you are looking for something more high end consider a desk clock, photo frame or even a weather station. Paper weights are still popular or even a pen holder.  A desk organiser with a mobile phone stand and charger are a perfect give away and very handy.

Desk accessories offer many opportunities for promotional items and so many useful options to choose from.