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  • Warm Unisex Vest

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    Warm Unisex Vest


  • Ladies Layer Soft Shell Vest

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    Ladies Layer Soft Shell Vest


  • Kids & Adults Layer Soft Shell Vest

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    Kids & Adults Layer Soft Shell Vest


  • Ladies Softshell Lite Vest

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    Ladies Softshell Lite Vest


  • Mens Softshell Lite Vest

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    Mens Softshell Lite Vest


Custom Printed Vest

When the weather starts to cool down, but it isn’t quite cold enough for a full length jacket or jumper, your staff will certainly appreciate a company vest to wear. Our vest range is perfect for your staff who are on the road driving between offices or from worksite to worksite; they are great for those early morning or late afternoon site visits, while still looking professional and stylish.

Similarly to all apparel items, a branded vest is a great way to showcase your brand or logo; a branded vest acts as a walking advertisement or promotion for your business – the logo or brand is always on show and will be exposed to a range of people your normal advertising may not reach.

Vests are also great promotional merchandise item at events and festivals, as well as for business based in the tourism industry; many visitors to events, festivals and tourist destinations buy apparel as a souvenir which means your branding reaches further than you could do with your marketing.

Our vest range is made from breathable laminated fabric, and is perfect for cold or windy weather. With some great logo printing spaces, and a range of colours, you can be sure you’ll find something suitable for both your brand and your staff members or customers.

We’ve had some great feedback from our customers on these vests with many of them saying they have picked up more business from people who simply seen their business logo on the vest.

These vests are also great for your sporting teams and supporters on those cooler autumn and spring days and nights. Logo printed with your association logo, these vests still leave lots of printing space for your sponsor’s logos.

If you need a comfortable branded vest for your staff members or sports association members, take a look at our range as we’re sure you’ll find what you need right here.