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Personalised Coffee Mugs & Branded Mugs

If you’re looking for the ultimate promotional branding, there’s a popular method for you to gain traction in promotional product advertisement. Personalised coffee mugs are just the thing for you.

One of the best ways to promote your brand and company name is by branding your logo or name on coffee mugs.

Why Branded Coffee Mugs?

There’s a reason why this promotional advertising method is popular.

Having your company logo, slogan, name, or brand on high-quality coffee mugs is a very pleasant way to promote your brand or company name, especially in offices, during meetings and conferences, and other organizations.

As a company or organization, it would be a solid move to have your brand name on mugs that may end up in households throughout Australia. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your business or organization.

It practically shows and promotes your brand in such an easy way, that many people would be aware of your hype.

Coffee Mugs and Cups Are Easy to Work With

When it comes to raising hype and awareness for your business, branded items such as everyday objects like mugs and cups are a very effective marketing instrument.

One of the most popular promotional items in the advertisement business are coffee mugs and paper cups. They are related to the foods and drinks niche, but the reason why they’re popular is because of how easy they are to work with.

They are ideal for branded giveaways at various events and exhibitions, mail-out campaigns, promotional organizations, etc. They ensure and skyrocket brand awareness for your company brand or slogan. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a cuppa?

Coffee mugs are made of ceramic, which is budget-friendly, and it costs less to go for bulk purchase and go big. Manufacturing is very easy, and the branding with high-quality colour is even easier.

Promotional Mugs Are Perfect for Office Companies and Organizations

A lot of companies and businesses turn to mugs and cups as a main method of promotional campaigning. They are the ideal gift, and make up a good presentation.

At Brand Republic, we can customise and personalise your promotional mugs to display your brand prominently and vividly. We’re experts at branding mugs because they’re one of our best-selling items. We utilize and work with the highest quality machines for pristine coloring and graphics.

It doesn’t just stop there. Besides promotional mugs and cups, we offer to enable your customers and company staff many other options when they’re on the move. We also offer thermos, steel mugs, bottled water, and other promotional products when your organization or company organizes an event with refreshments.

Ezypromos Drinkware Cups Are Perfect for Travelling

It’s perfect for advertising your business when you’re constantly on the move or you travel a lot.

Additionally, our vast array of printed drinkware is perfect for adding that marketing edge if you’re dealing with hotels and restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and we offer nothing but high-quality promotional items and professionalism from our staff.

Regardless of your target demographic, Brand Republic has the highest quality drinkware in Australia for your staff, customers, and peers.

Why Choose Our Custom Mugs?

As mentioned before, coffee mugs and cups are very popular so many companies offer this product for sale. Here are some reasons why you should choose our store to purchase branded mugs:

  • Our products are manufactured under the highest quality control standards.
  • We use the latest printing technology to create your branded mug.
  • Our products are quite affordable so you can purchase them in bulk without spending too much money on them.

You can know more about our products and services at Brand Republic by getting in touch with us today!

Feel free to call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at

Personalised Coffee Mugs

5 Reasons To Use Promotional Car Accessories

For business branding, using promotional car accessories as a marketing tool can be highly effective in boosting brand awareness. Many people spend hours and days in their cars when going to work, visiting friends or grocery shopping. Not to mention road trips and holiday trips. This means, the car holds great potential in promoting a business through car accessories.

If you own a car, you will need to have some type of accessories to make you more comfortable and help take care of your vehicle.

Car accessories play an important job in improving the appearance of your vehicle. In addition, these add-ons are imperative in increasing the capacity and also help in the long-distance support of a vehicle. Each vehicle car accessory has a unique and significant task to perform.

5 Reasons To Use Promotional Car Accessories

Promotional Car Accessories Make Your Car Look Good

Aesthetics play an important role on a car’s desirability. Promotional car accessories help in boosting the aesthetics of a vehicle. You need car accessories to beautify your car and elevate its value in the future. The accessories may include car flags, signs and number plates, car spinner, head light lashes, etc.

You Can Use Them In Emergency Situations

Every vehicle should have emergency tools especially in every travel journey. It is always good to keep important items in your car in case you will need them during an emergency situation. Promotional car accessories can be your best friend in emergencies. This one includes specific items like first aid kit, chargers, navigation unit, flashlight, fire extinguisher and reflective vest.

They Offer Quality At The Low Price

When you buy promotional car accessories from a reputed website, you can find quality ones at the low price. This means, you are directly purchasing the items from suppliers. Thus, you don’t have to face any issue related to quality, service and cost.

They Are Very Practical

Our cars act more as extensions of our home. Promotional car accessories are practical and useful products you’ll want in your car. Through these items, you can increase utility, comfort and convenience.

There are accessories that can keep a car clean, protected and well-maintained and there are a few others that help in improving its performance. The basic ones include sun shades, tyre gauges, belt cover, phone holder, air fresheners, sear covers, etc.

Boost Brand Awareness

The trend of consumers caring for their vehicles isn’t expected to slow anytime soon. For this reason, many companies capitalize on the current growth to increase brand awareness and get in front of the customers.

Promotional car accessories are one of the effective advertising products to reach your target audience. These items can typically be found in every vehicle and they can carry your brand wherever it goes.

A home needs furniture and a car needs accessories. Investing into promotional car accessories for both personal and business purposes is definitely a must. Every car accessory holds its own set of uses, be it for brand promotion or general use.

Promotional Car Accessories

Swiss Solar Power Banks as Promotional Products

There’s a lot of hype surrounding solar power. Many tech giants found ways to merge most of our recent tech with solar energy, and there’s a lot of interesting devices and gadgets that work with the power of the sun. Swiss Solar Power Banks are a great option to consider.

When it comes to promotional products, this is a perfect niche product for advertising because it promotes positive environmental impact and raises consciousness. Not only that, but it sends a very eco-friendly message as it promotes your company, brand, or business.

At Ezypromos, we have a vast stock of merchandise, lanyards, items, and everyday devices that most people use frequently. The power bank is no exception.

Why Ezypromos Power Banks?

Here at Ezypromos, we have many different everyday devices that people can use. Ezy Power Banks is a leading supplier of promotional power banks in the Australian promotional products market.

We have a high-quality stock on power banks that we believe are perfect for promotional and advertisement campaigns. If you need a basic power bank or even a high capacity one, our Ezypromo products are guaranteed to meet your promotional needs.

We can print and paint the design of your choice and create many different logos, brands, or marketing messages that promote your business, marketing, and company slogan.

Promote Your Business With Logoed Solar-Powered Items

Promotional merchandise that’s powered by solar energy is the way to go. Solar power is a very effective way of supplying energy and, at the same time, your business sends a very positive message by promoting the many different ways to save our planet during these harsh times.

Most of us use all kinds of technologies, and power banks are one of the many. There are countless types of power banks, and the solar-powered ones really stand out from the rest.

There are also other ways to promote ecological consciousness like using recycled material, and the solar power bank is one of the more efficient devices that everyone benefits from.

Swiss Solar Power Banks

Swiss Solar Power Banks


Reusable Coffee Cups And Brand Promotions

Reusable Coffee Cups And Brand Promotions

Coffee lovers lover their coffee. One cup is rarely enough which keeps them going back for more. The problem is that although a good cup of coffee might be ok the waste that it causes isn’t. That is why reusable coffee cups have become so much more popular.  People are starting to realise that their love of coffee and love of the environment have the potential of conflicting

It is for this reason that many business owners use reusable coffee cups to build brand awareness.  They are realising that it is an opportunity to not only make their own contribution to the environment but to also get their brand identity in the hands of consumers. Coffee cups are an ideal gift for a special events and an excellent item and a perfect reward for employees.

Use Reusable Coffee Cups For Branding

There are many ways to market a business with reusable coffee cups. These products are budget-friendly, very useful and a great way to showcase your brand. Moreover, they can be a powerful marketing tool to keep your business in front of your customers.

Make Your Message Stand Out

Your brand is unique. That said, your marketing pieces should be unique as well. You have to work hard to impress your customers and capture the interest of your audience. Your marketing pieces should reflect those qualities that make your business stand out.

Every time someone uses a coffee cup with your logo, they will be reminded of your commitment to the kind of artistry that’s presented in the design.

Feature Custom Coffee Cups In An Event

Another effective way to promote your brand is through product placement. If you’re hosting an event, display your coffee cups in your booth. Don’t forget to label them with your logo, website, contact details and anything else you deem important.

Pass Out Promotional Coffee Cups

You can order a few promotional coffee cups and ask some local stores to pass them out to their customers for free. Everyone loves freebies and stores would be happy to give out free products to their customers.

Run A Contest With Coffee Cups As The Prize

A contest is one of the proven ways to boost brand awareness. In addition, a contest enables you to engage your audience.

Hold a fun contest and give your audience a chance to win a custom coffee cup. Don’t forget to put your brand information on it and ask people to tag a friend to help you gain more exposure.

Go showcase your brand with reusable coffee cups. They are practical, relatively cheaper and are used by almost everyone every day. Most importantly, they provide maximum exposure for your brand.

Reusable coffee cups

Printed Lanyards: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Sometime where people think custom made products they get scared. The think how in gods name am I going to make something customised to my requirement. It is a very daunting task and for good reason. If you don’t understand the processes for something then it is not always easy to figure out how you are going to achieve it. It is like building a house. You know what a house looks like. You have an inkling of the types of trades people required to get the job done but how knows where to start. That is why you call an architect or a builder. With printed lanyards you call a promotional company. For good printed lanyards you call Ezy Promos.

So yes if you have to arrange printing lanyards yourself it might be a difficult task to do. However, if you engage a professional it is not that difficult at all. There are a few things you will have to arrange by yourself if you want to save a bit of money.

A good logo file

One of the main things you will have to arrange before ordering printed lanyards is a good file of your logo. Generally you will need to provide a file in eps or Ai format. It will have to be high-resolution if you want it to come out looking good. Usually your graphic designer or the agency that designed your logo will be able to supply this to you Once you have this file you are on your way. If you don’t have a file of your logo you can always get it redrawn. Someone like Ezy Promos can arrange this for you although it might cost you a small fee. Indeed Ezy Promos has in-house designers that are working on multiple projects at a time so they most certainly have the capacity and know-how to redraw your logo. You might even take the opportunity to resign your logo if it is old or outdated.

Pick your lanyard

The other thing is you have to pick what kind of lanyard you want before you start the process. Lanyards come in different materials so you have a choice depending on your requirement. The type of materials include:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • PET
  • Bamboo
  • Leather
  • PVC
  • Satin

All of there material are great so it is really up to you to choose what you want. If you are looking for something inexpensive you might pick polyester. If it is something durable you want maybe go for the nylon or even leather. For eco credentials you can go with PET, bamboo or some other environmentally friendly material. Lastly you have satin if you want a nicer feel or are looking at doing a sublimation logo print.

So the moral or the story is that printed lanyards are not that difficult a thing to do. All you need is a good promotional company such as Ezy Promos to guide you through the process and then deliver the product that you ordered. It is as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Order your printed lanyards today or even tomorrow.

Printed Lanyards

Custom Printed Lanyards

Lanyards As The Fundamental Promotional Item For Your Brand Awareness

If you are looking for low budget promotional items, the best place to start is lanyards! It’s very simple and easy, not to mention cheap, and it drastically boosts your promotional value. Your company, friends, and colleagues will be pleased to see a current standard item well within your promotional ranks. It’s the best place to start when it comes to promotional value, as it is one of the most basic items you can start with.With that one must acknowledge lanyards as the fundamental promotional item.

Every marketing manager confirms that among the best promotional products you can boost your company with, it’s definitely lanyards. Stretching the dollar even further comes with ease, as lanyards are in the minds of every decent marketing strategist, when promoting your brand is in the question. Corporate companies, schools, sports teams, and many other institutions and organizations just can’t function properly without popular items such as these.

Cheap for Promotional marketing campaigns

Tried and tested, well-adjusted with absolute material quality, going back to basics does not sound bad at all. Lanyards for your promotional campaigns may be the best choice you can make if boosting your brand awareness is a must. It’s cheap, practical, high-quality, and durable.

It’s practical because of the high demands that people tend to make. Everybody needs a place to carry their stuff like ID and credit cards, backstage passes, keys, bottle openers, and all kinds of other stuff they can’t go without. This is why it’s so practical. A no brainer! Additionally, handing out printed lanyards is always a pleasant surprise, as it’s ultimately the best gift to say that you care for that person by saving them from frustrations that result in lost keys or cards. You won’t imagine the statistics on the prospect of “lost and found”, as we all tend to forget important stuff.

Lanyards As The Fundamental Promotional Item

That being said, current economic environments are not efficient if they have no incentive for a proper promotional product, if they don’t even have very usable and current items such as lanyards, mugs, or pens. This is where the lanyards come in to save the day. Not only are they cheap, but we at Ezypromos use the latest and greatest technology that makes them highly durable, and colour-sturdy. They seem to never age, and effortlessly withstand the test of time.

You will need something to secure and organize your stuff that you carry with you at all times. We offer you a variety of attachments and lanyard styles which are tailored to your needs, and we also offer you custom lanyards for your every need. Just name it! Be it a product launch, brand name boosting, gifting, or promotional campaigns, you just can’t go wrong with a proper lanyard to have your brand name on an item that offers security, utility, and durability.

We at Ezypromos are a leader for promotional supplying and brand boosting. Among our lanyard products, you will find a massive variety of promotional items that will suit your every need. We are a premium supplier of promotional items and corporate products that skyrocket your brand awareness in Australia. You can always contact us via email or website or you can give us a call any time.

Lanyards As The Fundamental Promotional Item

Lanyards As The Fundamental Promotional Item

Hit The Beach With Our Promotional Sunglasses

When the famous hard rock band, ZZ Top, advise you to: “Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses!”, you might as well consider it. Ezypromos offer you fantastic promotional products for the summer days. Everybody rocks sunglasses during sweltering days, and this might be a fine advertisement and promotional campaign opportunity for your up and coming business. Check out our promotional sunglasses for your next campaign.

Your enterprise will boost their brand this way triple-fold! The marketing impact of fine promotional sunglasses is not to be trifled with, as most companies go with boring old shirts and dated merchandise. Sunglasses are the real deal and they are crucial for your promotional campaign! Here are some of the highlighted sunglasses that we have, guaranteed to catch the attention of many:

Which Promotional Sunglasses Should I Use?

Ezypromos offer you a lovely choice of the Retro Adult Sunglasses. Fantastic UV400 Lenses that guarantee maximum protection from ultraviolet rays. The stylish sunglasses will catch the eye of many passersby and they are reminiscent of the 80s with their 20×20 style. The price includes imprint on one arm only, and the branding guarantees that your logo will be recognized by many. They are available in colours: Red, Blue, Green, and Black. The logo goes screen printed or pad printed, depending on your choice.

Another fine set of sunglasses that you may purchase in bulk is The Riviera Sunglasses. These colorful sunglasses are made with high-quality polycarbonate material and offers absolute durability and lightness. If you want the more lean, stylish look, then these sunglasses are for you! The lenses of the Riviera are UV 400 and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and are available for purchase.

The McAllister Sun Shades are one of our more stylish sunglasses that are a real buzz. They are guaranteed to grab the attention of many people, and are perfect for gifting too! These stylish adult sunglasses offer exceptional UV protection and are only available in black. These Category 3 sunglasses also offer sun glare reduction, as the lenses are also UV 400. Nothing beats good, old-fashioned minimalist approach when style is condensed into a single product such as the sunglasses. It’s a beach conqueror!

Classic and Modern Look Sunglasses

The Ezypromos Sportsman Sunglasses come with reflective lenses and are a true classic. They are fantastic for the great outdoors when you are cycling, and for other promotional events. It’s the ultimate in sportsmanship sunglasses and their maximum UV 400 protection against ultraviolet rays offer safety during those sunny days. If you are gone fishing, hunting, cycling, mountaineering, then these babies will get the job done. They are also fantastic as a gift.

One of our more quirky sunglasses that we have in store are the Collapsible Frame Retro Sunglasses. For those of you who like to invoke the spirit of James Dean, these retro sunglasses are equipped with unique folding bridges and temples for the most comfy and compact approach ever. Easy to carry, easy to fold, the brightly colored retro sunglasses are an absolute stylish bullseye. They can be folded into the size of your palm and they are also a very thoughtful gift for your colleagues and friends! Equipped with UV 400 Lenses to protect against ultraviolet.

Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional Sunglasses


The Underestimated Power Of Pens, Lanyards, Mugs, And Small Promotional Products

There are so many products that we use as an incentive for maximum efficiency when true promotional value is put into question. But, many companies overlook some of the more important details that prove crucial for any businesses and low-cost effective marketing. Nobody pays attention to the mugs, pens, lanyards, and all those “tiny” and “simple” products that people usually tend to use the most, as opposed to “bigger” products like kitchen apparel, electrical devices, and such products that are more expensive, but are less visible and present than products like pens, mugs, and shirts. Small promotional products are often over looked.

We, at Ezypromos, know exactly what your business needs, and which method you should choose for your promotional campaigns to boost your brand name and recognition. There are too many small enterprises that go “full speed” at advertising campaigns, but they still don’t get results and marketing goals. Low-cost promotional campaigns is key, and there is no better way to prove this than to go with the simplest of all, pens, mugs, shirts, lanyards, and much more products that Ezypromos offer to you.

The manufacturing of these simple-to-use products keep the prices at bay for mass distribution. This means that the cost of gifts and presents are at an all time low but they keep everybody happy, and that’s probably even more important. Many statistics point out the very obvious – customers always tend to remember the name of the brand from mugs, or pens, or coasters, or lanyards, all of which belong to our vast array of promotional products.

Generating Brand Recognition

It’s the ultimate in instant brand recognition, as well as the fact that almost all enterprises can’t keep their brand known without this. The customers identify the logo of your company and there you have it. Your company’s best bet is selling mugs with your logo branded on them. Everybody loves mugs! The thing is, mugs stay usually stay in the kitchen or the office. There are certain products that are very visible in the great outdoors. Umbrellas, clothing apparel, air fresheners, etc. This is where it gets interesting, as there are many ways to have your brand out there on sight. A fantastic way to gain exposure for your business.

Sure, Instagram ads, TV advertisements, billboards, etc., all of these methods of brand boosting seem to work and they are very expensive. But, on the psychological viewpoint, this doesn’t cut it that much. It’s probably more efficient to buy a lot of shirts or a truckload of pens, and just give it away at bars, schools, organizations, etc. And just see then what happens. These mere objects stay in the memory of people for a long time, and probably longer than any old billboard or Instagram advert ever will.

Shirts work like magic when you are looking for larger exposure. They are practically walking billboards. But, it depends on your logo if they want to decide to wear that shirt around town, so, keep that in mind.

Finally, always remember that promotional giveaways should work with low-cost promotional products like the ones we have in stock. High-quality, durable, long-lasting, and with exceptionally fine printing method, guaranteed to have your brand name, it’s what every company needs. With your logo on these promotional items, a little slogan here, an image there, and this can be your literal business card and perhaps use these items as part of your promotional campaign. Ezypromos has your back.

Small Promotional Products

Small Promotional Products

The Hanes Women’s Heavy Hoodie offers maximum comfort

The Ezypromos Hoodies are the ultimate gift for your friends, colleagues, and workers. During the cold winter times, it’s an absolute best choice to buy for your loved ones. This winter apparel offers not only the thoughtful good will and showing your friends that you care about them, but we offer you the unique way to promote your company brand. Screen printed or embroidered, it’s your choice! The Hanes Women’s Heavy Hoodie is just the right one for you.

Branded hoodies are the new craze in promotional product marketing. It’s the ultimate way to promote and hype up your sporting association, sports club, or high school team. The great outdoors await, and there’s no better way to get your company name or team out there. This classic women’s hoodie is from Hanes, and the comfort and style are unbeatable. This may be the best way to promote and gain recognition when sports is in question.

The side-seamed design and tight weave give out extra comfort and superior quality. With 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the Ezypromos Women’s Heavy Hoodie is especially made for comfort and warmth during freezing times, and a classic and stylish approach makes it appropriate for almost every event and occasion. The softly brushed fleece inside and tone-on-tone cord with fabric ends prove a valid point. It also has a kangaroo pocket and is available from sizes S to XL (size 8-14).

Great For Custom Print or Embroidery!

Additionally, the printing method goes as such: it can either be screen printed, or embroidered, as that depends entirely on your choice. Equipped with ribbed cuffs and waistbands, this is a classic approach to a high-quality hoodie. It’s unbeatable.

The Women’s hoodie comes in black opal, bright royal, grey heather, navy blue, and white colours for extra style points. We offer you the best in screen printing and embroidering, so that your brand name stays on the product as long as it lasts.

It’s one of the most common ways sports organizations hype and skyrocket their brand awareness and they always have the job done and grab the attention of many sports enthusiasts. It can prove more efficient for great sports matches and high school sports gatherings.

By far, these hoodies are perfect for the winter and autumn seasons, offering nothing but high-quality and durability. It’s perfect for your supporters and audience to keep them warm during important matches. It’s great for kids, too! The great outdoors beckon, as you will find them very warm and comfy during long walks on the track or while you are fishing or strolling through the city. It’s a fantastic clothing option in promotional campaigns, marketing, and raising brand awareness.

If you are seeking a fast way to keep your brand known and associated with true sportsmanship, be our guest and grab one of these. The warmth will help in boosting your brand among the very famous.

Hanes Women’s Heavy Hoodie

Hanes Women's Heavy Hoodie