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Promotional Umbrellas Not Just For Rainy Days

Promotional Beach Umbrella

When you think about umbrellas you naturally think about rainy days and no sunshine. Indeed when most companies promote umbrellas it is during the winter months. We have all seen how miraculously umbrellas appear in shop when it rains. I remember one time when we went to Venice. It was raining cats and dogs and we had decided to leave our umbrellas in the car. As we were walking around a whole bunch of guys appeared starting to sell umbrellas and ponchos. They even had specially plastic sleeves for your shoes, as you know it floods in Venice which makes them useful. Promotional umbrellas at this stage would have been great.

Anyway the umbrellas were going for five euro each, which is about seven or eight dollars. Well at first it was just sprinkling so I thought maybe we could get away with it. We had a small umbrella which I gave to the kids. But then it started pouring rain yet I still didn’t want to buy an umbrella. In the end we were all soaked and decided to go into a restaurant to get away from the rain and have some lunch. Luckily it stopped raining later but still I think I should have just bought an umbrella to get out of the rain. Unfortunately I am tight and already having umbrellas in the car stopped me. Luckily none of us got sick.

The same can be said about the sunny days though. There were times when we would be at the beach and the sun would be blaring down on us and an umbrella would have been handy. Luckily most of the time we were in Europe we spend at my uncles villa which had heaps of shade so we could just jump in the water for a swim and they get out and lay in the shade under these big trees. In the even that you are at the beach and there isn’t any shade, or there is and it is all taken, then a beach umbrella is a great idea. I guess that is would companies like to give out their own promotional umbrellas.

Promotional umbrellas are great way for companies to both help out their customers but also put their brand out there. During these summer months the promotional umbrellas is an often overlooked product when it comes to promotional products. Sure you have water bottles and caps on your mind but people really need to consider the benefit of having a beach umbrella on hand for when you have that impromptu visit to the beach or somewhere else outdoors.

This summer is set to be a scorcher. Unfortunately with the summers getting hotter and the depletion of the ozone layer, it is move important than every to protect one’s self from the sun. Sure we could not live without the sun considering that it gives life to our planet, on the other hand it is also important to protect ourselves from over exposure as it can lead to all sorts of complications.

Promotional Umbrellas