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What Make a Great Promotional Products Supplier

In this world we live in there are all sorts of people and all sorts of companies. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good and some are bad. Some are big and yet others are small. They all have different personalities and ways of doing thing. Yet they are all part of the same market place. So when it comes to choosing the right fit for yourself it is not always clear cut. Companies are just like people in that they like to cover up their faults, so it is difficult to see which ones are better than the rest if you have no experience dealing with that particular industry. The same can be said for promotional products suppliers. There are good promotional products suppliers and there are some that are not so good. To make matters wore there are a lot of suppliers out there anyway. For all industries and products not just promotional products and branded products.

There are some tell tail sign about whether a supplier is good of not. Whilst it might not be obvious at first glance once you start dealing with a company you can usually tell if they are suitable for your needs or not. The top things that you should look out for when choosing the best supplier of promotional products for yourself are:

  • Easy to contact. Does the promotional products company have an actual landline? Sometimes they will just have a mobile phone number which might indicate that they are just some fly-by-night operator that works from home or the local Macca’s.
  • Check that they have a legitimate address. You don’t won’t someone to just disappear if things go pear shaped.
  • Prompt reply. If they can’t get back to you quickly during the initial enquiry then what will they do down the line.
  • Make sure they actually have staff. You don’t want some lone operator handling all aspects of your order. Again what happens when things go wrong.
  • Do they have a return policy? They should and if they don’t then think again.
  • Are they funny like me? If not then think about who will make you laugh when things get you down.

These are just some of the questions you should be thinking about before you commit to buying your branded products and promotional products from a new supplier.

Once you have found the right supplier, such as us, then you won’t go anywhere else. So if you are reading this article then you must be on our website. If you are already on our website then give us a call or send us a quote request. You have nothing to lose apart from dealing with the best promotional products supplier in the entire industry hands down.

More To a Lanyard Than Meets The Eye

In the world of promotional products there are all sorts of products. There are mugs and bags. There are USBs and speakers. There are pens and all sorts of knick knacks. With all those products there is, you would think it would be hard to choose a product when you are looking at giveaways and gift. All sort of questions are abound when you are trying to pick that next product. But you know what? Sometimes it is best to just stick with basics and choose the one product you know will always complement your line up. Although you may not use it exclusively you can at least throw it in with the lot. That product my friends is the lanyard. To be more precise it is printed lanyards.

Printed lanyards are one of those products that has been around for years and years. You can almost not remember living without them, even though there was a time you had never seen one in your life. Then you got a job and one of the first thing you would have been given is a lanyard with a security pass to get you in the building. Or you went to a music festival and they gave you one with your pass. After that you would have been inundated with lanyards wherever you went. Lanyard this and lanyard that. It became as if you were inundated with them and then all the sudden you realised how remarkable a product it was. A simple necklace made of polyester or nylon which you can around your neck. All the attachment that enhanced it like the breakaway clip and the j-hook. There is even a bottle attachment so you can attach a wine or beer when you go to the footy.

So it became that what was a simple printed lanyard became so much more. Printed lanyards might seem like an unassuming product. They may not even register as the most exciting product in the field or promotional products. What they are is a product which has many uses and will last the test of time. With it you will grow and experience all sorts of things in life. In the end it will go from being a simple lanyard to a treasure trove of memories.

Webcam Covers For Promotional Security Products

Giving promotional products to your customer can come with all sort of motivations and goals. Sometime you want to point out a new service or product you have on offer. Sometimes it might be for an event that you have coming up which you want to alert your customer about. Other times it might be because it is Christmas and you just want to give away a corporate gift to show your appreciation for all the business your customers have given you. Yet other times it just might be part of your marketing strategy to ensure brand recognition. Now you have a new reason to give your customers a promotional products and that reason is security. To be more clear internet security. The best product to do that is webcam covers.

There are a lot of security type products that are either targeted at the individuals well-being or actual security. Branded products which can be said to fall in this field would include:

  • Branded pack locks
  • Sun Screen
  • Hats and caps
  • luggage straps
  • luggage tags
  • Webcam Cover

The above are just a small sample of products which are available as promotional products which companies give to customers and use in their promotions.

Which leads us to the webcam cover. Webcam covers are a relatively new promotional product and are born out of the fact they people webcams are increasingly being hacked my digital intruders. It is not just parents that are becoming paranoid about such nefarious activities. It is people of all walks of life that are finding the need to protect their privacy by covering up their webcam covers. Whilst it is not alway easy to understand the motivation behind hacking someones webcam, the simple truth is that it happens, and the smart thing is to protect against it. This is why the webcam cover has become such an in demand promotional gift. It is a very common gift especially coming from universities who give them to their students, and corporations giving them to their employees.

  • The good thing about webcam covers is that they are:
  • Small and compact product
  • Come with custom packing
  • Webcams can be branded with logo
  • Are an inexpensive gift

All the above points are what make them an ideal gift to give. They are indeed a compact gift which is easy to give out. Most they are a very practical product which you can be sure that the customer will use when they are given one. Just that fact alone is enough of a reason for a webcam to be including in any promotional products marketing campaign.





Delicious Chocolates For You Next Promotion

When you send a promotional gift to a customer you want them to remember you. I mean surely you are sending a gift to show appreciation of the business that they send you but also you are sending it because you want them to think of you when they next require your services or products. There are thousands of promotional products out there and they all serve their purpose. Whether it is a promotional pen or lanyards your customer will have something that they need and that can be branded with your logo. As great as these and other promotional gifts may be there is one gift that you can be sure your customer will undoubtably love.

Chocolates! Custom chocolates and promotional chocolates are one of the most popular corporate gifts out there. They are inexpensive, loved by almost everyone and most of all they are delicious. Customer branded chocolates are not just something you should find on your hotel pillow, although it is great when you do. Custom promotional chocolates are something that every marketing department in the world should be giving their customers on a regular basis. Who out there has not welcomed being given a chocolate as a gift. Promotional chocolates are usually small so they are quick to eat and because of their size they don’t carry the guilt associated with eating a larger sweet.

The other thing about chocolate is that in small doses they are actually good for you. So not only do they give you a good feeling when you have one, which is scientifically proven to assist with mental health, they can also benefit your physical well-being. Although the benefit vary depending on whether you eat dark or milk chocolate the truth is that chocolate does actually contain some essential minerals. In a 100g of milk chocolate you will find, amongst other things, significant quantities of Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. So while it is never a good idea to eat too much of any energy rich food a bit of chocolate can be good for you. And if you eat dark chocolate than the effects are multiplied whilst being less energy rich than milk chocolate.

So you see the next time you are thinking of giving your customers a thoughtful promotional gift give customer chocolates a go. Your customers will love you and you actually might be doing them some good.


Person Care Items Great For Promotional Products

When thinking about promotional products for your next marketing campaign it is worth while thinking outside the square. Whilst there are the obvious products such as pens and promotional USBs both of which are great products, it also pays to look at other great products. A really excellent category or products from which to chose for your next marketing campaign is personal care promotional products. Although it sounds a bit clinical they are in fact really useful products. Personal care products include such things as:

  • Compact Mirrors
  • Hair Brushes
  • Hand Sanitisers
  • Heat Packs
  • Lip Gloss
  • Massagers
  • Nail Filers
  • Sun Screen
  • Pill Boxes
  • Wet Picks

Now any one of the above products would make a great promotional gift. They are practical, they are inexpensive and they enhance the recipients life.

A couple of the more popular of these are promotional hand sanitisers and promotional sunscreen. Both of these products are great as they perform very important functions for every person. Both these products are the kind of items that you would find in most peoples hand bag or carry bag. The hand sanitisers are important in an increasing germaphobic world where we strive to protect ourselves from unsanitary conditions in the office, home and other places. The sunscreen is great a it offers protection from the sun. This is especially important in a country such as Australia where the sunshines bright and the ozone layer is thin.

Dual USB Outlet Charger

For those of you who just can’t seem to keep an electrical device charged and ready, we offer you the Ezypromos Dual USB Outlet Car Charger. One of our most sought after electrical products, this handy-dandy outlet offers you quick and efficient utility for your mobile phone, and other devices when you are on the go!

This solution to your battery life needs has been around for a couple of years, and has only been popularized recently. Many people struggle with their tablet or phones eating up the batteries and can’t seem to handle the problem since many of us have obligations that require driving throughout the day. The Ezypromos Dual USB Outlet Car Charger comes from the long line of battery champions. Simply plug it into your lighter socket and voila!

With the Ezypromos Car Charger, you already have dual USB ready and available for USB charging sources, and that includes all of the devices that are USB compatible. There’s nothing but high-end technology and durability to lighten your load of obligations and frustrating battery consumption.

For starters, the Ezypromos Car Charger has 12V, 1 Amp and 2.1 Amp and is suitable for charging many electrical devices that are USB  compatible, such as smart phones (which are 1 Amp of compatibility), Tablets (2.1 Amps) and many others. The low input DC goes from 12 to 24V, and the output DC is 5V to 2.1A.

At Ezypromos, there are many options for battery-dependant devices, and the USB Car Charger is one of the more versatile products to keep your phone charged while on the go. You already know we have durable and high-quality power banks, now it’s time to shine some light on the Car Chargers.

For starters, these tiny devices contrast the power banks and some of them have light indicators, others have different options. You can browse and consult us before buying to see which of the models suit your needs. For those of you who like to have their batteries up and running throughout the day, this is a low-profile, low-cost, highly dependable choice for your device.

As with the other products, the Ezypromos Dual USB Outlet Car Chargers’ ports are slightly more illuminated, as this makes sure it’s easier to tell the ports apart, while at the same time you will find it easier to locate them in darkened areas. This electrical utility device is thoroughly tested and approved.

Design-wise, the Ezypromos Car Charger’s bottom line is that it’s a very hefty deal for the ones who like to have not-too-flashy and highly effective devices at their disposal. You can always contact us via email for consulting and recommendation of products and other helpful info.

Promotional Homeware and Lighting

With the right lighting, emphasizing your humble abode with some more atmosphere and style comes easy. Ezypromos offers you a vast array of lighting apparel and lamps for your hobbies with high-quality and durability. Properly lighting your home lifts your enthusiasm and productivity and at the same time it relaxes and calms.

A basic rule of thumb should provide you with an idea that every room in your house should have a balanced contrast of lighting and lamps. Additionally, many designers agree that lighting is one of the more essential elements when atmosphere is in the question. It’s undeniable. Many consider having a proper lighting in their homes, and once they figure that out, everything else falls into place.

Ezypromos have a wide range of lighting and lamps as promotional products and for basic home improvement. Don’t be tempted to throw extra cash away on very expensive lighting equipment and lamps, we have it all here. Be mindful that lighting and a well-lighted space can transform your homes into humble abodes, if done correctly.


It doesn’t just brighten up corners, it’s a very powerful element if you know what you are doing. As one of our more top notch lighting product, we present to you the Pelican Table Light.

The Ezypromos Pelican Table Light is a stylish, minimalistic, LED table light with an adjustable head, most suitable for hobbies and work stations. There are three different brightness levels you can adjust. It’s USB charged with a cable included. It’s also compatible with an AC Adaptor. Contact us for compatibility and recommendation.

Additionally, the folding table lamp comes with a clock, and the pure white light serves as a very versatile reading lamp and enhances concentration. The white light also relieves headaches and won’t strain your eyes.

It’s the ultimate lamp for work stations and hobbies while you work. The standard stable system makes sure it doesn’t slide off. It comes with pad printing, so you can always print the logo of your business on the lamp, or the brand of your company with little to no effort. Just send us a picture and we will print it!


Lighting is very important when it enhances the atmosphere in the living room and in the center of the room. Downlighting is also very important for sparking up the walls and curtains. But, there’s also the need for a bedroom light. This is where the Ezypromos Goodnight Door Light comes in.

The Ezypromos Goodnight Door Light is a fantastic night light. The Good Night Light is especially designed with a handle for better accessibility and handling. You can put it anywhere and the utility options are endless with this feature. You can achieve soft fit and valance lighting, and the lighting depend the layout of the bedroom. The possibilities are endless for extra ambience it almost serves as an electric candle.

For those of you who like to keep a very hefty and handy night light, this product is for you.

It comes in pad printed branding and a PSL Gift Box packaging, so it will serve as a fantastic gift for your colleagues and friends. The Good Night Light has 2 LED Lights for aesthetic and utility purposes. It’s available in colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and White. Branding options are also available.


Last but not least is the Ezypromos Light Bulb Pushlight. Available in White, Green, and Blue light, along with a pad printed branding and laser engraving which makes sure your company logo is visible and perfectly imprinted on the product. It can be a fantastic gift for your friends which comes in the PSL Design Box.

The LED Push Light comes with a very handy automatic off timer (60 second span) for a decent energy saving mode. The Battery 3 x AAA is included, along with a one year manufacturing guarantee.

All in all, a lovely gift for anyone, these products are one of the more sought-after products which make a big difference in your home. The goal is to create contrast in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and study.

Adjustable Wristbands Fit all Sizes

When high-quality promotional items are required, you just can’t go wrong with our comfortable Ezypromo 12mm Adjustable Wristbands. They are a staple of promotional marketing and campaign, as they can be worn anywhere and their bright colors can catch everyone’s eye. No hard-working company or business goes without them, or at least a single assembly of them.

Wristbands have been used throughout the modern times by almost every single company, entertainment business, organization, non-profit organization, and others, usually through promotional campaigns. We also have the Ezypromo 12mm non-adjustable Wristbands in stock if you want to keep it simple!

The Ezypromo 12mm Adjustable Wristband is the perfect promotional tool to support and hype your business standard or name. The brightly shining color and scheme cannot be missed. They catch the eye of passersby and look very stylish. A lot of types of wristbands are not very easily removed, but our high-quality wristbands are very comfortable and durable, guaranteed to get your name out there!

We offer the unique opportunity to have your name and brand printed and tagged. Our promotional wristbands come in bulk and can very easily carry your business on the right track of professional promoting campaigns. Our Ezypromo 12mm Adjustable Wristbands come with plastic or metal press studs, securing the wristbands with ease.

The colour schemes depend on the type but you can always order customizable wristbands, please feel free to contact and email us so we can see what your company needs. There are countless types and orders to choose from, and you can always browse at your leisure to see which wristband types suits you best.

We have a large and vast variety of wristbands. One of our most sought after products are the silicone wristbands. They are the modern staple of wristbands that are focused on durability, style, longevity, and comfort. Our high-quality silicone wristbands will last longer than your regular old stickpaper wristbands.

They are made for those tedious charity events, marketing campaigns, promotional events and campaigns, schools, sport organizations, and much more. The silicone material allows brilliant use of bright and shiny colors and they are very comfortable to wear, with minimal rubbing textures. A great wristband for kids!

Additionally, our Ezypromo Wristbands are adjustable with our high-quality silicone material and are a fantastic choice when you are in need of wristbands. We have them available and in stock.

Our Ezypromo Wristbands are able to fit a wide range of wrists and look good on anyone. They are absolutely fantastic for schools, college projects, and sports teams that want to show their team spirit and support. There is no better way to allow promoting your sponsors and donators and be able to effortlessly hype your brand or company’s logo.

Light up Reflective Wristbands for Night Events

One can never be too careful on the open roads. Worry not, as our Ezypromo Wristbands have a fantastic product that not only boosts promotional value when buying one of our promotional campaign items, but also support and promote safety among road travelers, bikers and drivers.

If you are in need of some high-quality promotional items, try out very durable and comfortable Light-Up Reflective wrist and armbands. They can be screen or pad printed, both of which are fantastic options that depend on your choice.

Let’s be honest, wristbands are one of the more important sales products and marketing tools of professional promotional marketing. They’re practically everywhere. Our Ezypromos brand new wristbands, which offer protection and durability, can be worn anywhere. The brightly colored wristbands never fail to attract anyone’s attention.

Your company or organization will benefit greatly from our Ezypromo Light Up Reflective Wristbands. It’s also great for your friends and family, because of the double safety features this little gadget has to offer. It can be worn on the wrist and on your arm, and when activated, the 4 blinking red LED lights will light up, offering road awareness and safety precautions on the highways and streets.

It’s the perfect wrist or armband for your children too, as you can never be too careful when road safety is in the question. An absolute necessary item during the night time, this reflective band proves a very obligatory apparel for road safety, as well as its promotional value. School programs can benefit greatly from this item!

Every successful promotional campaign uses wristbands and they are very modern, utilized by many companies, organizations, businesses, and corporate structures. It’s the perfect promotional campaign tool which you can buy in bulk. We also have the Ezypromo 12mm non-adjustable Wristbands in stock if you would like to use some good old regular wristbands. We have a wide array from which you can choose from.

The Ezypromo Light Up Reflective Wristband is the perfect promotional tool for your promotional campaign or business standard. It can draw the attention of every passerby and can be easily handled. It’s a top notch, high quality wrist and armband with exceptional durability and safety. Your brand name will not be overlooked.

Ezypromos give you an opportunity for ultimate promotional value. It is very easy to have your name or logo branded on our promotional items and you can tag your company’s name as well! The promotional wrist and armbands come in bulk and the types of wristbands you can choose are many. Please feel free to contact or email us and we can give you a few suggestions from which you can choose from, as we can help you decide what is best and which ideas you can apply for your business’ promotional needs.

We have vast quantities and types of wristbands, and the most purchased products from our wristband items are the silicone wristbands, most popular for their bright colors and fantastic printing. Offering durability, style and safety, the Light Up Reflective wrist and armbands are a high-quality standard which lasts longer than the other wristbands you might find on the market.

Our Ezypromo Light Up Reflective Wristbands can fit on anyone’s arm and hand. A necessary item for schools, kindergartens, and safety programs, they are a fantastic promotional item which offers satisfaction in many ways.