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Dual USB Outlet Charger

Dual USB Outlet Car Charger

For those of you who just can’t seem to keep an electrical device charged and ready, we offer you the Ezypromos Dual USB Outlet Car Charger. One of our most sought after electrical products, this handy-dandy outlet offers you quick and efficient utility for your mobile phone, and other devices when you are on the go!

This solution to your battery life needs has been around for a couple of years, and has only been popularized recently. Many people struggle with their tablet or phones eating up the batteries and can’t seem to handle the problem since many of us have obligations that require driving throughout the day. The Ezypromos Dual USB Outlet Car Charger comes from the long line of battery champions. Simply plug it into your lighter socket and voila!

With the Ezypromos Car Charger, you already have dual USB ready and available for USB charging sources, and that includes all of the devices that are USB compatible. There’s nothing but high-end technology and durability to lighten your load of obligations and frustrating battery consumption.

For starters, the Ezypromos Car Charger has 12V, 1 Amp and 2.1 Amp and is suitable for charging many electrical devices that are USB  compatible, such as smart phones (which are 1 Amp of compatibility), Tablets (2.1 Amps) and many others. The low input DC goes from 12 to 24V, and the output DC is 5V to 2.1A.

At Ezypromos, there are many options for battery-dependant devices, and the USB Car Charger is one of the more versatile products to keep your phone charged while on the go. You already know we have durable and high-quality power banks, now it’s time to shine some light on the Car Chargers.

For starters, these tiny devices contrast the power banks and some of them have light indicators, others have different options. You can browse and consult us before buying to see which of the models suit your needs. For those of you who like to have their batteries up and running throughout the day, this is a low-profile, low-cost, highly dependable choice for your device.

As with the other products, the Ezypromos Dual USB Outlet Car Chargers’ ports are slightly more illuminated, as this makes sure it’s easier to tell the ports apart, while at the same time you will find it easier to locate them in darkened areas. This electrical utility device is thoroughly tested and approved.

Design-wise, the Ezypromos Car Charger’s bottom line is that it’s a very hefty deal for the ones who like to have not-too-flashy and highly effective devices at their disposal. You can always contact us via email for consulting and recommendation of products and other helpful info.