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More To a Lanyard Than Meets The Eye

In the world of promotional products there are all sorts of products. There are mugs and bags. There are USBs and speakers. There are pens and all sorts of knick knacks. With all those products there is, you would think it would be hard to choose a product when you are looking at giveaways and gift. All sort of questions are abound when you are trying to pick that next product. But you know what? Sometimes it is best to just stick with basics and choose the one product you know will always complement your line up. Although you may not use it exclusively you can at least throw it in with the lot. That product my friends is the lanyard. To be more precise it is printed lanyards.

Printed lanyards are one of those products that has been around for years and years. You can almost not remember living without them, even though there was a time you had never seen one in your life. Then you got a job and one of the first thing you would have been given is a lanyard with a security pass to get you in the building. Or you went to a music festival and they gave you one with your pass. After that you would have been inundated with lanyards wherever you went. Lanyard this and lanyard that. It became as if you were inundated with them and then all the sudden you realised how remarkable a product it was. A simple necklace made of polyester or nylon which you can around your neck. All the attachment that enhanced it like the breakaway clip and the j-hook. There is even a bottle attachment so you can attach a wine or beer when you go to the footy.

So it became that what was a simple printed lanyard became so much more. Printed lanyards might seem like an unassuming product. They may not even register as the most exciting product in the field or promotional products. What they are is a product which has many uses and will last the test of time. With it you will grow and experience all sorts of things in life. In the end it will go from being a simple lanyard to a treasure trove of memories.

Promotional Lanyard Cheap and Easy

These days budgets are something that always plays on every marketing managers mind. With an ever thrifty corporate environment it is more important then ever to place marketing campaigns to stretch the dollar further. The current economic environment has cause all companies to look at more efficient allocation of funds and marketing is no different. With that thought one should turn back to the basic items that are tried and tested. The lanyard is one such item. Lanyards are not only an inexpensive item but they are also very practical.

These days people have heaps of thing they need to carry with them when going places. There are the id card, credit cards, travel cards, all sorts of cards really. There is also keys and bottle openers etc which people like to keep close to them and attached to a leash so that they don’t lose them. This is why handing out a printed lanyard will always be well received. The variety of attachments and types available will help tailor the product for any campaign you have planned. No matter what the event whether a product launch, a corporate dinner or just a gift bag you can’t go wrong with this product.

EzyPromos are a leading supplier of all promotional products including promotional lanyards. We also have a dedicated website for LanyardsOnly which will help you find what you need.

Our extensive range includes:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Satin
  • Sublimation
  • Faux Leather
  • Poly/Satin

We also have:

  • Wristbands
  • Short Straps
  • Accessories

So next time your are looking to do a promotional product give EzyPromos a call. We are a premium supplier or corporate merchandise in the Australia market. We can ship goods both within Australia and internationally.