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Serpent Tote Bag For Indigenous Events

To firstly disclaim the thing that matters, tote bags do not have the property of a long shelf-life. They break down easily. If they were “immortal” when it comes to shelf-life, that would totally miss the point of eco-friendliness now would it? As society reaches 2018, more and more people become very environmentally conscious, and this does not mean buying eco-friendly products, but using energy in a more conservative fashion. We at Ezypromos highly urge our customers to respect our environment and make the right choice, and tote bags are one of those good choices.

As resources get scarce, the tote bag comes in with some decent solutions. The true power of tote bags promise they will make a big difference and even usurp the tyrannical reign of plastic bags, keeping them out of use for good. The material which the Ezypromos Tote Bag is made of does not stretch or shrink, as the non-woven polypropylene texture makes it so.

The history of the tote bag originates from the 1940s with L.L. Bean, a The first incarnation of the tote bag was introduced in 1944 when Leon L. Bean debuted a very quirky canvas bag which was made durable enough to carry ice. It didn’t excite the markets when it debuted but quickly got to the top in the 1960s.

Today, the almighty tote bags dominate the market and have become a very hefty alternative method for plastic bags. Among the qualities the tote bag possesses, the affordability and budget-friendly price is what got their popularity going. They are awesome promotional products, and they are eco-friendly at the same time. It’s the perfect combination of utility and mindfulness.

It promotes a very proper mindset and sets a flawless example for eco-consciousness, while grabbing the attention of passersby. Your clients and colleagues will be intrigued. The tote bag has a Serpent-styled decorative paint which guarantees standing out from the crowd.

Here at Ezypromos, we have a wide variety and styles of bags and tote bags for you to browse. Explore our vast collection of eco-friendly promo products to step up your promotional campaign. Our Serpent Tote Bag has short carry handles, overlocked seams, with a capacity of 9 litres. The tote bags can have your business or association logo screen printed, digital transfer printed, heat transfer printed or embroidered on.

But this is not the only quality the Ezypromos Tote Bag has, as our wide array of tote bags come in handy in every situation and every occasion. Our tote bags are of the highest quality on the Australian market and we provide a range of branding options so that you can find your exact fit with us. We have a very wide selection of tote bags with a printing option, guaranteed to suit any budget and any occasion.

The tote bags are non-woven, and that explains the very affordable price. Non-woven bags usually are a lot cheaper that the regular bags and easier to make. The affordability and effectiveness proves them a strong contender for the most eco bag on the market!

Everyone loves a good company which promotes eco-mindfulness, while promoting your very own company brand on the bag. Your colleagues, clients, and friends will be greatly impressed.