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Platform Neck Wallet

Are you looking for a stylish way to ID attendees at your next conference? While name tags are great, they can often get uncomfortable. Our branded Platform Neck Wallets are a great alternative that feature a clear vinyl ID window, slip pocket on the back, elastic pen and belt loops, neck rope and zippered compartment.

The Platform Neck Wallet is the perfect way to ID your delegates at conferences, store holders at markets and trade shows or your tour group. At a total size of 14cm x 18cm, and allowing 11.7cm and 8.6cm for the window, this neck wallet still has a great logo printing space.

We know that no matter how comfortable you try and make your normal ID or name badges, they will get taken off, left in the room or on the tour bus or generally just lost. We also know they won’t get used again. Our neck wallet however is easy to use, comfortable to wear and can be used as a travel wallet over and over.

If you need a stylish way to ID your delegates or tour group, a branded Platform Neck Wallet is a great option.

Shiny PVC Credit Card Wallet

Is your business looking for a promotional product that is different to what your competitors are offering? Our Shiny PVC Credit Card Wallet is a great promotional tool and an excellent way to get your business name out in front of potential customers.

Traditionally used as a marketing tool by banks, the PVC Credit Card Wallet can be used by any business. Available in four bright colours (that match our Shiny PVC Passport Wallets), it holds 10 cards in double sided clear PVC pockets and 2 cards in single sided pockets.

With the PVC Credit Card Wallet you get two great logo printing options on two large spaces – both screen printing and deboss printing is available on two spaces of 55mm x 80mm giving you plenty of space to get your name out there.

For a promotional product that’s different to your competitors, or to match with our Shiny PVC Passport Wallet, you can’t go past a branded Shiny PVC Credit Card Wallet.