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Custom Design Assorted Colour Crayons in Cardboard Tube

Product Code: LN8905

Product Description

There aren’t too many places where you can pick up custom designed promotional crayons, but if you run a childcare centre, library or other child friendly place, why shouldn’t you be promoting your business to parents via a crayon tube?

There are so many options with promotional crayons, and our custom designed crayon tubes provide you with lots of branding opportunities. These tubes have two print spaces – the tube base has a print space of 182mm x 51mm while the lid has a print space of 182mm x 59mm; you’ll have plenty of logo print space to help get your brand across.

These branded crayon tubes and crayons are completely child friendly – the tube is made of cardboard while the 30 crayons are simple non-toxic wax crayons.

The Custom Designed Cardboard Tube with crayons are a great, bright and bold way to get your brand out there and with so many promotional opportunities, you can bet that parents will remember exactly who you are.

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    4CP Laminate

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