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Custom Umbrellas For Winter Rain

custom umbrella

Often the seasons dictate the kind of promotional products was chose to integrate into our marketing campaigns. It only make sense to try to appeal to customers sense in a way that complements their lives. Summer events often include outdoor events and things like caps and drink bottle. In a similar way there are products that naturally fit in with winter months. They make sense because they are practical and will likely be actively embraces by the recipients for at least the duration of the season.

It is for this reason that custom umbrellas are a great promotional product to hand out to your customers during winter. Generally it is the winter months that are accompanied by increase rainfall. No matter where you live in Australia this is usually the case, unless you live in the north of the country which is broken up into wet and dry seasons. In most case people tend to associate the winter months with cold rainy days so the gift of an umbrella is a great idea. Custom umbrella are the corporate gift of choice by many corporate entities.

One great new promotional umbrella we have is the “Light Sabre Umbrella“. As the name suggests it is a custom umbrella which has a handle that lights up like a “Star Wars” light sable. While some people might be tempted to fight it out like they were on the set of a Star Wars film the real benefit of having a handle that lights up is the safely aspect that comes with it. None the less the Light Sabre Umbrella is a great addition to our custom umbrella range. That is not to say that our complete range is not great as well.

The important think to remember when planning any promotional campaign is the importance of considering all the facets necessary to make your marketing campaign a success. Simply giving people gifts with tying them in to a theme is a waste of a marketing budget. Yes it is an act of generosity to give people gifts, but the gift that keeps on giving is the one that your customers can appreciate and will remember you by long after it has been given.