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Crazy Putty For Kids and Adult Promotions

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No one can resist the amusing properties of the crazy putty. The amusing toy dough has been around since the 1940s when a chemical research assistant dropped an experimental beaker and found out it bounced merrily. J.G.E. Wright and his assistant Curtis Oliver, were in charge of developing rubber substitute from cross-linking silicones. When violently struck, the material shattered. The zany rubber blob quickly caught the puzzled eye of the scientists and officers, little did they know that it would turn out to be the putty it is today. It is a fantastic promotional novelty item.

The name “Silly Putty” is actually gotten from the Crayola Company as its trademark which is why our putty is called “Crazy Putty”. The Ezypromos Putty is a toy based on silicone polymers with very unusual properties. It’s very bouncy, and it breaks when hit really hard, but it can act as a liquid, if given enough time that is. This material is called non-Newtonian fluid, which contains a viscoelastic silicone, an “elastic solid” if you will.

Kids and adults alike will be bedazzled by this classic toy. Ezypromos offer you 50 grams of assorted color putty in an opaque 2 piece tub and it comes in an assortment of five fluro colours: pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

The Ezypromos Putty makes up for a great toy. You can roll the putty into a ball and bounce it, or mould it into any shape, release the inner artist! Bear in mind that the putty is fairly difficult to remove from textured material such as clothes. Not to worry, hand sanitizers usually do the trick. Putty dissolves when applied with alcohol, but will eventually lose its property.

The putty always yields astounding experimental results. Amusingly enough, it softens up and melts a lot faster if you put it into water. If Crayy Putty is submerged in warm or hot water, it will become softer and thus “melt” much faster.

This toy has been very popular as of late. As of July 2009, it is reported that 20,000 putty-based toys have been sold daily. The Ezypromos Putty is available in green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange colors. Grab one today!