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Snap on a New Form of Promotion

Badges are a surprising, yet effective way of promoting a business or community group to a wider audience. From schools through to churches and large businesses through to community groups, promotional badges offer a great way to get your name out and about to a wider audience. The badges at EzyPromos aren’t just any badges – they are bright and bold, designed to easily stand out.


With a large range of promotional badges to choose from, your next corporate day, fundraising event or sports day will certainly stand out.


For businesses looking for an alternative to their next function or seminar, or simply looking away from the traditional name badge, the Retractable Name Badge Holder with Metal Clip is a great choice. These badges are 31mm in diameter and 82mm in height, extending out to 90mm. With a four colour pad print, these customised name badges can be utilised with a range of PVC Card Holders.


EzyPromos also stocks a large range of basic Button Badges in bright colours ready for your design. With sizes ranging from 25mm through to 90mm in diameter these branded badges are a great, low cost promotional item that can be given away to customers and clients or sold as promotional merchandise in your souvenir or gift store. These badges come with a great four colour print and give you plenty of space to market your business, school or community group.


The White Plastic Button Badge is another great choice to help market your brand. These badges are 65mm in diameter and have a slightly curved surface. With a white backing and safety pin fitting, these branded badges will help show off your branding.


While branded badges may not have originally been on your radar they are becoming more and more popular with businesses due to the low cost. Because they are a smaller item, they are also easier to keep in storage.


If you need a new marketing and promotional tool, think outside the box with a branded badge from EzyPromos.

Don’t Lose Power Outdoors This Winter

Winter brings with it camping, fishing, hiking, picnics, boat trips, holidays and so much more, but there is one thing that could turn your day or holiday sour and that’s losing power to your phone – it could mean losing communication with family, holiday partners or emergency services if your travels take you out of metro and regional areas.


EzyPromos has the solution with the Solar Power Bank, a power bank with mini solar panels that features a three hour recharge window and is water durable and dust resistant meaning it can sit at the bottom of your hiking bag or in the glove compartment of your 4WD without issues.


Run a business within the business and lifestyle category or planning a multi-day charity bike ride? The Solar Power Bank is a great option as a piece of promotional merchandise or as a giveaway or gift option. Emblazoned with a great looking logo print, your customers and clients won’t have trouble remembering who you are.


One of the best things about this power bank is that it can not only be solar charged, but also comes with a micro USB charger allowing your customers and clients to recharge their powerbank before they leave home, and recharge it on the go.


These power banks come in three great colour options – blue, green and yellow – giving you the option of matching to your branding requirements and making it easy for your customers to find their power bank in fading light.


If your business is looking for a promotional power bank for the adventurer or traveller, a branded Solar Power Bank will have them returning to your business for more adventure gear.

Serpent Tote Bag For Indigenous Events

To firstly disclaim the thing that matters, tote bags do not have the property of a long shelf-life. They break down easily. If they were “immortal” when it comes to shelf-life, that would totally miss the point of eco-friendliness now would it? As society reaches 2018, more and more people become very environmentally conscious, and this does not mean buying eco-friendly products, but using energy in a more conservative fashion. We at Ezypromos highly urge our customers to respect our environment and make the right choice, and tote bags are one of those good choices.

As resources get scarce, the tote bag comes in with some decent solutions. The true power of tote bags promise they will make a big difference and even usurp the tyrannical reign of plastic bags, keeping them out of use for good. The material which the Ezypromos Tote Bag is made of does not stretch or shrink, as the non-woven polypropylene texture makes it so.

The history of the tote bag originates from the 1940s with L.L. Bean, a The first incarnation of the tote bag was introduced in 1944 when Leon L. Bean debuted a very quirky canvas bag which was made durable enough to carry ice. It didn’t excite the markets when it debuted but quickly got to the top in the 1960s.

Today, the almighty tote bags dominate the market and have become a very hefty alternative method for plastic bags. Among the qualities the tote bag possesses, the affordability and budget-friendly price is what got their popularity going. They are awesome promotional products, and they are eco-friendly at the same time. It’s the perfect combination of utility and mindfulness.

It promotes a very proper mindset and sets a flawless example for eco-consciousness, while grabbing the attention of passersby. Your clients and colleagues will be intrigued. The tote bag has a Serpent-styled decorative paint which guarantees standing out from the crowd.

Here at Ezypromos, we have a wide variety and styles of bags and tote bags for you to browse. Explore our vast collection of eco-friendly promo products to step up your promotional campaign. Our Serpent Tote Bag has short carry handles, overlocked seams, with a capacity of 9 litres. The tote bags can have your business or association logo screen printed, digital transfer printed, heat transfer printed or embroidered on.

But this is not the only quality the Ezypromos Tote Bag has, as our wide array of tote bags come in handy in every situation and every occasion. Our tote bags are of the highest quality on the Australian market and we provide a range of branding options so that you can find your exact fit with us. We have a very wide selection of tote bags with a printing option, guaranteed to suit any budget and any occasion.

The tote bags are non-woven, and that explains the very affordable price. Non-woven bags usually are a lot cheaper that the regular bags and easier to make. The affordability and effectiveness proves them a strong contender for the most eco bag on the market!

Everyone loves a good company which promotes eco-mindfulness, while promoting your very own company brand on the bag. Your colleagues, clients, and friends will be greatly impressed.

Crazy Putty For Kids and Adult Promotions

No one can resist the amusing properties of the crazy putty. The amusing toy dough has been around since the 1940s when a chemical research assistant dropped an experimental beaker and found out it bounced merrily. J.G.E. Wright and his assistant Curtis Oliver, were in charge of developing rubber substitute from cross-linking silicones. When violently struck, the material shattered. The zany rubber blob quickly caught the puzzled eye of the scientists and officers, little did they know that it would turn out to be the putty it is today. It is a fantastic promotional novelty item.

The name “Silly Putty” is actually gotten from the Crayola Company as its trademark which is why our putty is called “Crazy Putty”. The Ezypromos Putty is a toy based on silicone polymers with very unusual properties. It’s very bouncy, and it breaks when hit really hard, but it can act as a liquid, if given enough time that is. This material is called non-Newtonian fluid, which contains a viscoelastic silicone, an “elastic solid” if you will.

Kids and adults alike will be bedazzled by this classic toy. Ezypromos offer you 50 grams of assorted color putty in an opaque 2 piece tub and it comes in an assortment of five fluro colours: pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

The Ezypromos Putty makes up for a great toy. You can roll the putty into a ball and bounce it, or mould it into any shape, release the inner artist! Bear in mind that the putty is fairly difficult to remove from textured material such as clothes. Not to worry, hand sanitizers usually do the trick. Putty dissolves when applied with alcohol, but will eventually lose its property.

The putty always yields astounding experimental results. Amusingly enough, it softens up and melts a lot faster if you put it into water. If Crayy Putty is submerged in warm or hot water, it will become softer and thus “melt” much faster.

This toy has been very popular as of late. As of July 2009, it is reported that 20,000 putty-based toys have been sold daily. The Ezypromos Putty is available in green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange colors. Grab one today!

Keep Your Customer Dry With Branded Ponchos

EzyPromos has a range of ponchos suitable for any sporting organisation or community group. These affordable promotional options are a great branding opportunity and with a well designed logo, you can help your organisation stand out.


If you’re looking for a product your supporters can purchase and then keep, leaving in the car glove box, sporting bag or camping kit, the Reusable Poncho in Zipper Pouch or Reusable Poncho in Poly Bag are a great choice. Both of these options come in a “one size fits most adults” sizing which means you can cover a large amount of your market. The zipper pouch option comes with a 4 colour print label as standard on the pouch while the poly bag option comes with a 4 colour print insert as standard. Both promotional ponchos are available in clear or yellow, are lightweight and come with a drawstring hood.


Planning a community event where you’ll be providing free bags of items to attendees? The Disposable Poncho in Round Case is a great addition. Even if your attendees don’t used them on the day, they are great for leaving in the car or picnic set for those days when it starts to rain out of nowhere. These ponchos come in a plastic ball with a carabiner attachment which means they are good to clip onto keys or belt loops when going for a hike or going out fishing.


You can order your branded ponchos online today, or if you prefer to have a chat with someone about your options, call EzyPromos or send is an email.

Bamboo Bags Top Eco Promotions

One of our most interesting products here at EzyPromos is the Bamboo Bag. We are the leaders of the pack when it comes to high-quality promotional bags and utilities. The custom-branded bamboo bag is a solid choice if you need a stylish alternative. We tend to keep up with the trends of the modern promotional bag industry.

This is a fantastic choice for our eco-friendly customers, as our bamboo bags are biodegradable and is up to date with the modern trends. While the oil industry wreaks havoc on the environment, this product offers a breather, as the popularity of eco-friendly products grows by the minute and more people are becoming aware of using precaution. Eco- and environment-friendly products is the way to go in this day and age.

The bamboo has been an alternative for many uses throughout millennia as a very durable and sturdy material for building and other utilities. It’s a naturally eco-friendly resource with countless uses.

Astoundingly, it produces up to a staggering 35% more oxygen than that of trees. It is a fascinating force of nature, we can see why the bamboo has so many uses and its cultivation does not need any pesticides or artificial irrigation. Bamboo has a self-sustaining growth cycle and does absolutely no damage to the surrounding environment of the bamboo grooves because no there is no erosion.


Renewable Materials

Our bamboo bags are made from renewable high-quality bamboo fibres, it’s highly practical and versatile and offers nothing but sheer durability which withstands the test of time. Biodegradable and great for the environment, these bamboo bags are all the craze nowadays. The bamboo fibers give them a unique and aesthetically pleasing look which guarantees grabbing the attention of passersby.

We offer a unique approach of 4CP digital printing or screen printing with which you can promote your logo or brand. There are have three varieties of the Bamboo Bag: a Giant Bamboo Carry Bag with double handles, the Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag, and the Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bag.

Each of the varieties of bags is designed for a specific purpose, our Giant Bamboo Carry Bag is and its sizeable space is best suited for shopping for groceries, the Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag is perfect for the outdoors, festivals, and group meetings, while our Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bag is the ultimate gift for anyone, with its compact size for general uses. You can find our catalogue on the site so you can check out our available bags to find the best suited to your needs.

Bags are a great option for the corporate and company groups and their need to promote their brands. They are the perfect gift for any customers, employees, family members and friends. While they are a fantastic option to advertise and make your brand name known out there, but they are visually pleasing with their many colours along with your company logo on it.

Promotional USB Still Number One

When thinking about what t include in your next trade show bag or marketing campaign you can’t look past USB flash drives. Promotional USB have been one of the leading promotional products for over 10 years now. A sentinel moment for promotional USB was when Homer Simpson himself received a promotional USB as a gift as part of a promotional pack given out by Duff Beer. So all the usually items where included in the pack. A branded t-shirt, a custom cap, and of course also included was a custom USB flash drive branded with the Duff Beer logo.

Naturally you dont need a Simpson’s episode to know that promotional USB has been at the forefront of promotional products for over a decade now. Visit any promotional event and you are likely to receive a custom USB as a give-away. Indeed USBs are still one of the most popular product available in the promotional products industry.

Custom USB

So why are custom USBs still so popular? The answer to this question is easy.

  • There are heaps of models
  • Different capacities
  • Great for Branding
  • Practical
  • Fit any budget
  • People love them

Indeed USBs are one of the most flexible products around. Not only are they great for branding but you can upload them with product information, photos, music, videos and other stuff just to name a few.

Any promotional campaign that doesn’t include a branded USB is selling itself short because these little beauties should be a staple of any marketing campaign.

Custom Umbrellas For Winter Rain

Often the seasons dictate the kind of promotional products was chose to integrate into our marketing campaigns. It only make sense to try to appeal to customers sense in a way that complements their lives. Summer events often include outdoor events and things like caps and drink bottle. In a similar way there are products that naturally fit in with winter months. They make sense because they are practical and will likely be actively embraces by the recipients for at least the duration of the season.

It is for this reason that custom umbrellas are a great promotional product to hand out to your customers during winter. Generally it is the winter months that are accompanied by increase rainfall. No matter where you live in Australia this is usually the case, unless you live in the north of the country which is broken up into wet and dry seasons. In most case people tend to associate the winter months with cold rainy days so the gift of an umbrella is a great idea. Custom umbrella are the corporate gift of choice by many corporate entities.

One great new promotional umbrella we have is the “Light Sabre Umbrella“. As the name suggests it is a custom umbrella which has a handle that lights up like a “Star Wars” light sable. While some people might be tempted to fight it out like they were on the set of a Star Wars film the real benefit of having a handle that lights up is the safely aspect that comes with it. None the less the Light Sabre Umbrella is a great addition to our custom umbrella range. That is not to say that our complete range is not great as well.

The important think to remember when planning any promotional campaign is the importance of considering all the facets necessary to make your marketing campaign a success. Simply giving people gifts with tying them in to a theme is a waste of a marketing budget. Yes it is an act of generosity to give people gifts, but the gift that keeps on giving is the one that your customers can appreciate and will remember you by long after it has been given.

Promotional Products Make The World Go Around

While it may not be exactly true promotional products do indeed have a great impact in the world of marketing. They may not make the world go around but they do keep business humming along as they give incentive to customers to use there services. Promotional products have always been used by corporations to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. In almost any industry, both consumer and otherwise, promotional gifts have always found there way into marketing programs. Sometimes on their own. Sometimes in combination with print material or other digital offerings.

There are a number of different options to consider when considering promotional products for your company. Obviously budget is a major issue. But there are other issues as well including:

  • How will in fit in with your brand identity
  • Lead-time if you have a tight schedule and need stock items
  • The kind of customers you have and what appeals to them

While there are thousand of different promotional items out there below are some of the key products which corporations choose to gift to their customers.


Custom Umbrella

Umbrellas have long been a staple of the promotional industry. Promotional umbrella are a highly visual product which has durability and is persistently in use. Custom umbrellas are usually better quality then your standard umbrella which is why they are highly sort after. Custom umbrellas are available in a variety of styles and options such as:

  • Beach umbrellas
  • Golf umbrella
  • Retractable umbrellas
  • etc

As well as having the option of being branded with a company logo, custom umbrellas can also be colour matched so that are the same colour as a corporate logo or marketing theme.


Branded Drink Bottles

If there is one thing that is true it is that people get thirsty. It is as true today as it was when people first populated this earth. Humans need to drink and it is important to stay hydrated. In order to stay hydrated where ever you go it is good to also carry a drink bottle. Drink bottles make it convenient to rehydrate whenever a person gets thirsty. It is for this reason that branded drink bottles are such a hot promotional item. Our branded drink bottle are not the run of the mill water bottles that were in use years ago. Now we have a huge range of branded water bottles to offer. This include some very stylish water bottle which will look good in the hands of your customers. We also have infusion water bottle so they people can add fruit to there water which is a healthy alternative to soft drinks.