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Where Will Promotional Products Be In The Future?

The world as we know it has changed so much in the past two months. Everything we took for granted it gone. So of it will never come back again. What was totally normal in the past is not normal any more and vice versa. It seems that everything we used to do has somehow changed. It leaves me wondering if things will every be the same again. The same can be said about the economic system our businesses find themselves in. This Wuhan corona virus, which originated China and then spread around the world, seems to also have changed the way we do business. So many businesses have been effected and the question is whether they will ever be able to trade as they once did.

Fortunately the government, businesses and the general population are eager to return to normal. What we lost may not have been perfect but it was better than what we have now. Surely there are lessons that can be learned and new habit that can be retained, like cleanliness, but generally we yearn for the freedom we once had and we will have it again. The government has already started to ease restriction all around the country. NSW seems to be coming out first and the rest are following behind. There are cures and vaccines that are being worked on all over the world are giving us hope. The population should also start developing herd immunity to this Wuhan virus. All of these things put together give us reason to be positive.

So the question is where will promotional products be in the future? How will it effect the industry and will there be the role for promotional products and customer merchandise? I think the answer to that is both complex and simple at the same time. In the short term there may be delays in having a situation that resembles what we left behind. If you think of the concerts, the exhibitions and conferences that have been cancelled of delay. Even the Olympics was put on hold due to the Wuhan corona virus. The slow down in the retail sector, segment of the economy that is accustomed to have POS promotions and other giveaways also doesn’t help. All of these sectors will impact to the state of the promotional products industry in the short term. There are still products in high demand like hand sanitiser, but alone can not make up for lost demand for promotional products.

Keep Your Customers Safe With Hand Sanitiser

It is truly a difficult time at the moment. Who would have thought at the start of the year that it would come to this. We were all so positive and looking forward not only to a new year but to a new decade. Then came this insidious virus which originated in Wuhan China and stopped everything in its tracks. Thankfully we seem to be coming closer to a end of at least the peak of the virus and can slowly start getting on with our live. To do so though we will need to be more carefully than we were in the past. We will have to change our habits and the way we do things. It is a given that life as we know it has changed, at least in the short term. On of the thing people and businesses will have to do is be more mindful of hygiene and hand sanitiser will play a part in that.

Our Hand sanitiser is a gel which is used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol, with versions containing 60% to 95% alcohol the most effective. Our hand sanitiser generally container 75% alcohol which is a good mix. Compounds such as glycerol may be added to prevent drying of the skin. Some versions contain fragrances. What ever the hand  sanitiser it is recommended to use it in the absence of wash facilities to wash your hands. Hand sanitisers also come in a variety of bottle sizes for the convenience of the user.

Once we do all back to work sand sanitiser will be everywhere. Already when you visit super markets and all sort of stores they have hand sanitiser available. This will continue with places such as hair dressers and work sites having its presence and use mandated. The good thing is that there are suppliers now like Brand Republic which stock hand sanitiser is different bottles sizes for our customer convenience. The bottles can even be label with your logo or message as a way to extend you brands reach and communicate your concern for your customers well-being.

Custom T-Shirts For Sports and Events

I like to watch sports. Well to rephrase that I like to bet on sports but not really watch them. I do watch the UFC occasionally, but only if it is a fighter that I like. The same can be said for boxing. With soccer I only ever watch the World Cup, and only if Croatia, Brazil or Germany are playing. With betting I never really used to do it but I won a couple of time betting on the UFC and now the have the World Cup qualifiers which I usually only bet around $10 on a multi. Sometimes I am successful but other times I am not. One thing that I did notice watching these events is the amount of merchandise that gets handed out at these events. One of the most popular pieces if merchandising on offer is custom printed t-shirts. The amount of custom t-shirts on offer is truly mind boggling. I am not even talking about the one that the teams hand out. These ones presumably are bought by the fans and spectators. I am talking about the one handed out for free by corporations. You see an event like the Word Cup is a great place for companies to expand the reach of their brands. The are millions of people watching on television not to mention all the spectators at the actual game.

Handing out custom t-shirts has been a popular marketing ploy by companies for ages now. Ever since mass sporting events began companies have been using these events to market their brands. They literally spend billions of dollars on marketing and advertising at these events which is what makes them so valuable to the organisations that run them. Marketers are literally desperate to get their brands associated with these events. Sometime they pay to sponsor the events and sometimes they use gorilla marketing tactics. When they do you can bet that they will use custom t-shirts as part of their strategy. With custom printed t-shirts you can be sure that the people will be wearing the t-shirts for long after the events have finished.


Foreign Syndicates Targeting Promotional USBs

It used to be that you just got their spam emails trying to extort money out of you. You know the kind where they say they are the toppled king of a far away kingdom in a far way land. Sometimes they are government officials who some how got their hands on millions of dollars and they just need a couple of thousand from you so they can release the funds. They will give you are huge return they promise! Then there is the romance scam where they trip lonely people to send them money because they are in trouble. People fall for it everyday but unfortunately these scammers just keep on coming. So it was no surprise when we started getting scammers trying to get goods out of us. Unfortunately they even succeeded once when one of our more mentally challenge staff actually fell for the scam and shipped nearly ten thousand dollars worth of promotional USB to some pathetic scammers. Some how this person fell for these dodgy pigs who swindled the company out of thousands. Unfortunately it was not only us that got conned. There were other companies falling for this promotional USB scam.

This is how the scam works. The scammers send an email to promotional companies impersonating a university. In the promotional products industry the universities are considered a prize catch. They have lots of money and they buy lots of promotional products. So anyway the scammers first send an email enquiring about the cost of USB with the university logo. They also ask whether you accept their terms of payment which is 30 days. Now usually you would not agree to such terms but people do with universities because they know they will pay up (if they are legitimate). The supplier will agree to the terms and send a quote. A couple of days later they will get confirmation for the order to go ahead and send a purchase order. Companies like purchase orders because they are a form of contract (if they are legitimate). The sale person is thrilled because they got a huge order and place it in production. A couple of weeks later the goods are ready and shipped to the “customers” nominated address, which is not the universities address. The scammers get the goods. The supplier gets shafted.

First why would the scammers want to printed goods? Well that’s because these USB flash drives (promotional USB) are being shipped somewhere to Africa where they will be sold at the markets. The fact that they have university logos on them won’t diminish their value as people will think they are better quality having come from a university. That said sometimes the scammers will ask from unprinted goods as the scammers did with us when they ordered an additional seven thousand unbranded memory cards. They would have gotten away with it again had the bosses (the smartest people in any organisation) not picked up that they were full of it. That is also when they discovered the previous illegitimate order and freaked out (the sales person didn’t seen to effected). So anyway bottom line is the scammers get stuff for free. They ship them to their home country. They sell the goods and make a profit. The main reason they are able to get away with it is that they know from sending out dozens of emails they will come across a few idiots that will fall for it. That is the great promotional USB scam. Beware!

Reasons Promotional Products Can Be Effective for Online Business

The internet is a terrific place for accessibility and convenience, but not too great to get lasting interest. There is simply quite much of everything — lots of websites, lots of blog posts, and abundance of social networking activity. All that ends up being an\ obscure blur rushing past your eyes. And although this is troublesome for anybody who wants to get attention on their content, it is an important challenge for e-commerce merchants scrapping for supremacy in a super-competitive marketplace. When you lead an e-commerce business, an alternative that you ought to highly give consideration to is giving out promotional products, considering such branded items can be really powerful at bringing in significant traffic. Let’s try looking in greater detail at why promotional products are very convenient for online shops

You can use them to build positive associations — Promotional products are ideal for developing excellent brand associations when you use them cleverly, and the choices are growing all the time.

Show pride in your brand — Although e-commerce retailers are not normally so enthusiastic about showing up at trade events, they do own expanded online content specifications. If you want people to be dedicated to your brand, you are advised to be visible and personable through team photographs as well as social networking activity — plus through branded clothing, you can showcase very plainly that you rely on your business as well as feel pride with its quality. This may help convince people that you are worth their attention.

They’re physical reminders in a digital world — One thing that is not duplicated online (even to some extent) is the stubbornness and tangibility of physical giveaways. The screens in your electronic gadgets are slate that you can wash clean at any time, so as soon as you lose fascination with something, it vanishes forever–but not with promotional products. They have shaped, and weight and they linger.

Pleasantly surprise customers — giving small free gifts into delivery bundles is an excellent option to excite customers without incurring a great deal of cost, and if you branding those free gifts, you get the extra company promotion. Once a client opens their package to get a signed team photograph or a keyring in brand colours, they will link your branding to the thrill of opening up a new package and make them wonder somewhat about on exactly what they may get.

When distributing promotional merchandise to people, either through selling them on the internet or giving them as complimentary gifts in distributions or at exhibitions, you can give attention to functional items such as pens, clothes, or notepads. Also if people do not initially care a lot for your brand, having your logo there anytime they use one of your items will continuously remind them of your advantages.

They’re surprisingly easy to provide —  Amongst the biggest reasons why businesses are unwilling to make use of promotional items is that they are discouraged by the complexity and costs of purchasing and using them. However, the digital world has made so many things easier, and this is clearly one of them. As such, it is actually not absolutely all that complex or costly to get yourself into the branded merchandise industry today. In a time of constant digital promotion, going back to the old-fashioned way of centring on physical giveaways is such a fresh idea. Consider working promotional products into your marketing strategy and you will be much more than happy with the results

Looking for great promotional products supplier whose quality you can certainly rely on? Look no further than Ezy Promos to provide you with premium quality of promotional products for your company.

Preparation Steps in Providing Promotional Mugs for Your Customers

Promotional mugs are among the most well known promotional products out there.  People can have more than one mug, but they will never refrain from making use of another free mug with your logo on it. They can be useful as pen stands or stationary stands, and mugs as well.  They are undoubtedly flexible in their utility, and the best element about promotional mugs is that people will keep them for the longest time. Understanding exactly how promotional mugs are made can assist you to select the ones that are most appropriate to your marketing spending plan, as well as your all-around branding approach. Keep on reading to find out how promotional mugs are made to inspire you to produce great promotional product purchasing choices.


Step #1  Understand Your Customers Needs

The strategy of giving a promotional mug is not just about giving them away. It is to fulfil a necessity, with meaningful purposes and in a way that can be memorable, so that your customers think of you. That is why, when manufacturing mugs, the most crucial step is to know who your customers are, as well as how the mugs you are thinking to make can help satisfy their needs. This may sound very basic and easy. However, it is one step that must be completed. Your customers may offer you insights on the kind of colours they fancy, the cup design they would like to keep, what they use it for, and when they will use it. You will also learn other elements of your customers’ specifications and preferences through this research stage.


Step #2: Design The Perfect Mug

Now that you have got an understanding of your customer’s preferences and tastes, it is time to produce a design that you can model. A promotional product supplier usually works with skilled designers to form appealing and distinct designs of mugs your valued customers would love. A variety of design software can be utilized in the promotional merchandise design area.


Step #3: Prototype Your Design

If you got a design in mind, it is very easy to generate a model of your promotional mug. These days it is also feasible to take your design to a 3-d printing shop and get your model printed, which usually will not take too long.  Designs are able to be prototyped with a range of choices. Such as using a manufacturer or contractor to generate a  prototype. When you have a prototype, you have given your promotional mug form and shape that you can see and feel for real. Show your prototype with your valued customers to get their feedback and see what they think. You may get some ideas about how to better the mug, and know if they like it prior to producing top-quality mugs.


After all the steps above, then ship your promotional mugs. This means that you are certain to get them transported from your best choice of supplier to yourself for distribution to your prospective customers and leads Now the important stage here is to take great care of your mugs when they are being shipped. At the end of the day, you have to remember that promotional mugs are fragile products that can be quite breakable. Hence transport precautions are a complete must


Although the above process is only one of the ways of producing promotional mugs, you can choose an approach that suits you best, which depends on whatever your goal is. Reach out to Ezy Promos to explore how we can help with all your promotional product needs.

Benefits of Promotional Products

Promotional products are low-cost goods that can make your potential customers and clients enthusiastic about your brand.  Branded items such as mugs as well as pens have functions in workplaces whilst reaping benefits for numerous areas of businesses to offer long-lasting and excellent brand impression. The objective of promotional free gifts are to entice and attract to valued customers and people are happy with a free product and consumers really value-helpful products that improve value to their lives. Below are several benefits of making use of promotional products as well as merchandise.

Promotional gifts can invoke a sense of brand loyalty —  Amongst the most crucial elements of a prosperous business is to make certain ideal engagement with new customers. What better method to engage with a possible customer compared to a free gift? It has been proven in research that giving something special to your customer enhances the chances of your customer picking you over your competitors by invoking a sense of brand loyalty.  An\ obvious benefit of a promotional gift is that it develops some kind of loyalty sense long after the conversation ends. Giving a gift to your prospective client is a great approach to start out a discussion that may lead to contact and eventually a sale.

Having a good relationship with your customers pays in the long run — Developing intense meaningful connections with your valued customers is a characteristic that will make sure your company may benefit in the long run. Customers acknowledge that if companies attempt and develop meaningful relationships with their customers they are very likely to suggest their family and friends to that particular brand, this can be extremely beneficial for your company in the future.

Making strong relationships can be accomplished with repeated giveaway competitions on social media marketing such as branded products or passes to events. This is ideal for customers who triumph in the competitions but also it begins to establish engagement with the client base while maximizing the engagement of your network. Your networking can be numerous different people from vendors and partners, business acquaintances as well as professionals, prospective and current customers right to family and friends.

Reward your customers and build relationships with your clients by using promotional merchandise — Giving out branded gifts can establish the steps in place to create relations with a pre-existing customer. Giving a promotional product indicates that you are an exceptional and appealing brand which advantages your brand identity. Consumers get excited about a brand once their emotions are induced. This is an emotional reaction can be utilized in a range of different advertising platforms such as branded items which is an incredible option to reward a customer. Whether a brand is bold or innovative, giveaways will generate a fan base with intense levels of engagement.

Showing commitment to existing customers leads to strong customer retention – Showing dedication to current valued customers can have powerful business outcomes.  Giving existing customers with personalized, real products is a very efficient way to maintain their interests in your brand. The primary benefit to these results is that you can concentrate on current customers which can significantly increase your return on the investment.

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How You Can Promote Business using Corporate Apparel

Most of us may not often think about the apparel as promotional items other than the general promotional T-shirts that might get sold at festivals and events, but there is a wide range of apparel options that will help spread your branding and message and it starts with your staff members. Your staff members are often your best form of marketing, so getting them into branded apparel helps keep the image you work for and provides a modest form of marketing – a logo on a business shirt or on workwear is often the first thing that catches the eye.

Company managers do not only want to rent out work apparel for their staff, they want to benefit from the image of improving results produced from a handled corporate apparel plan. Most popular among those benefits is the ability to propose a well-qualified image and effectively recommend a brand. Several years back, a national survey carried out for the textile industry that customers are more likely to do business with employees who wear uniforms as they seem very professionals and were seen as being more competent and knowledgeable. These stud are accurate now as it could change into significant bottom-line benefits for those businesses choosing a managed corporate uniform and clothing program for their personnel.

The leading reasons companies choose corporate apparel products are for making an attention-getting business image. People have a tendency to judge people by the way they dress. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business perception which appeals to and permits to maintain customers. This delivers about the impact of getting your promotional products recognized. When staff members put on uniforms displaying corporate logos combined with colours, they support the brand and separate their company in the markets they provide. It also promotes free advertising. Well-made work uniform in public comes to be walking advertisements, advertising a brand’s services for free

Outfits present useful benefits, such as wearer protection. For example, flame-resistant professional wear can be of assistance in preventing injuries brought by accidental electrical flashes or fires, and high presence apparels can shield personnel from being hit by cars. It also strengthens security. Corporate apparel showcasing detailed designs or colours promptly make out who actually does not belong to the precise workplaces or job sites

Whether you apply an aim of sale or a point of sale elements printing or corporate apparel, it will build team spirit. A good sense of team spirit will improve a brand in the long run. Furthermore, it elevates consumer relationships. Corporate apparel automatically acknowledge company envoys who may possibly be approached for buying information, therefore enhancing consumer service largely. Lastly, it stimulates business pride. Corporate apparel provides great assistance in inspiring a good sense of satisfaction and accountability and can adjust workers into product ambassadors’ outside the work environment.

All in all, your staff members are often your best form of marketing, so getting them into branded apparel helps keep the image you work for and provides a modest form of marketing – a logo on a business shirt or on workwear is often the first thing that catches the eye.

At Ezy Promos, we have a range of items, including corporate apparels, which your staff members can wear including men’s and women’s business shirts for those who predominately work in the office, polo’s for those who travel regularly or work in non-office environment, and high-vis safety wear for those working on-site or around machinery. Whether you are looking for something for your staff members or a promotional merchandise item that catches the eye, you are sure to find what you want in our extensive range

Promotional Umbrellas Not Just For Rainy Days

When you think about umbrellas you naturally think about rainy days and no sunshine. Indeed when most companies promote umbrellas it is during the winter months. We have all seen how miraculously umbrellas appear in shop when it rains. I remember one time when we went to Venice. It was raining cats and dogs and we had decided to leave our umbrellas in the car. As we were walking around a whole bunch of guys appeared starting to sell umbrellas and ponchos. They even had specially plastic sleeves for your shoes, as you know it floods in Venice which makes them useful. Anyway the umbrellas were going for five euro each, which is about seven or eight dollars. Well at first it was just sprinkling so I thought maybe we could get away with it. We had a small umbrella which I gave to the kids. But then it started pouring rain yet I still didn’t want to buy an umbrella. In the end we were all soaked and decided to go into a restaurant to get away from the rain and have some lunch. Luckily it stopped raining later but still I think I should have just bought an umbrella to get out of the rain. Unfortunately I am tight and already having umbrellas in the car stopped me. Luckily none of us got sick.

The same can be said about the sunny days though. There were times when we would be at the beach and the sun would be blaring down on us and an umbrella would have been handy. Luckily most of the time we were in Europe we spend at my uncles villa which had heaps of shade so we could just jump in the water for a swim and they get out and lay in the shade under these big trees. In the even that you are at the beach and there isn’t any shade, or there is and it is all taken, then a beach umbrella is a great idea. I guess that is would companies like to give out their own promotional umbrellas. Promotional umbrellas are great way for companies to both help out their customers but also put their brand out there. During these summer months the promotional umbrellas is an often overlooked product when it comes to promotional products. Sure you have water bottles and caps on your mind but people really need to consider the benefit of having a beach umbrella on hand for when you have that impromptu visit to the beach or somewhere else outdoors.

This summer is set to be a scorcher. Unfortunately with the summers getting hotter and the depletion of the ozone layer, it is move important than every to protect one’s self from the sun. Sure we could not live without the sun considering that it gives life to our planet, on the other hand it is also important to protect ourselves from over exposure as it can lead to all sorts of complications.